Netflix will delete these films and series in January 2020


     Netflix will soon be cleaning up its streaming offer and bid farewell to over 20 films. Here we show you which candidates will soon no longer be available.
    For the first time in 2020, Netflix is ​​kicking out several films. At the end of the year we had to say goodbye to a big swing of films and series. Fortunately, the wave doesn't turn out that hard this time. Netflix is ​​more focused on its fringe program, from which 24 films are dropped. Shortly before the Oscars, the hardest was the loss of The Artist, which became Best Film in 2012. It is now too late for The Biggest Game of His Life as well as for Pumping Iron. The two films were recently discontinued. The following list shows which other blockbusters will soon be unavailable:
    From January 17th no longer with Netflix

    From 19.01. no longer with Netflix

    Celeste & Jesse
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith
    Same Same But Different
    Are we already there?
    The Artist

    From January 20th no longer with Netflix

    From 27.01. no longer with Netflix

    From 29.01. no longer with Netflix

    Missing Bite! Around the world with Cyril Chauquet

    From January 31. no longer with Netflix

    Fate / Zero
    Pioneers of African-American Cinema
    The Testament of Sister New Devil

    But why does the streaming giant take films out of its program at all? The reason for this is that the licenses expire. Netflix must assign fees to rights holders for any film or series that was not produced or distributed in-house. Unlike originals like Roma or Triple Frontier, the streaming service only borrows films like Dawn of the Dead. This makes the offer wider and also provides a rich data range about the preferences of the users.

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