SAW 9: Horror movie sequel to be funnier


     After the saw reboot, Jigsaw flopped in 2017, those responsible had to come up with something quick to save the franchise from irrelevance. Comedian Chris Rock's hiring as both an actor and a screenwriter may have been an interesting idea. But is Saw becoming a comedy now?
    The Saw films are not exactly known for their humor. Instead, fans of the splatter horror expect cruel torture scenes and creative death traps to torture the victims. But what is particularly popular with hardcore fans from the very beginning is difficult for the masses to market. A certain one-dimensionality was complained about, particularly in the last films in the series. Perhaps the script of an alien genre could bring a breath of fresh air to the story.
    But after it became known that Chris Rock would be responsible for Saw 9, many fans worried about the sequel. It was feared that a comedian could ridicule the franchise and that Saw 9 would become a kind of parody. In an interview with IGN, Chris Rock now reveals that fans don't have to worry. Saw stay Saw, with violent scenes and a lot of blood. Even though a few passages have been enriched with more humor, fans don't have to worry about Saw 9 becoming the new Scary Movie.
    So good news for fans of the Saw films who were concerned about the seriousness of the new film. The franchise will remain brutal and bloody and alongside Chris Rock will be another star on board with Samuel L. Jackson. Saw 9: The Organ Donor will be released in America on May 15, 2020. It is not yet known when Saw 9 will be released in German cinemas, but a timely appointment would be conceivable.
    Source: IGN

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