Study: Most money is distributed on these TV shows


     Numerous quiz and gaming shows in Germany offer their candidates the opportunity to earn a small fortune in a short time. But which German TV show actually pays out the highest profits? got to the bottom of this question. For this purpose, the company evaluated all broadcasts of 17 German TV shows broadcast in 2019.
    According to this, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" distributed around 4.3 million euros. This puts the show, moderated by G√ľnther Jauch for 20 years, into the top spot in the ranking. Behind it are "Genial Daneben – Das Quiz" (941,500 euros) and the ARD show "Who knows something?" (771,098 euros). The programs Quizduell (752,500 euros) and "Schlag den Star" (600,000 euros) complete the top five in the ranking.
    In total, the places two to five do not even reach the total distribution of "Who wants to be a millionaire?". One of the reasons for this is that in September 2019, for the first time in four years, a WWM candidate correctly answered the million-dollar question. As a result, RTL paid out more money in this program alone than all other analyzed shows each year.
    Also, if you put the amount paid out in relation to airtime, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" the clear winner of the ranking: the candidates win an average of 1348 euros per minute. In this statistic, the ProSieben show "Run for a million … if you can" comes in second place (722 euros per minute), followed by "The Quiz Champion" (417 euros per minute).
    Although "Genial Daneben – Das Quiz" generated the second most money overall in 2019, the lowest profits are measured in terms of airtime: only 85 euros are distributed to the winners of the program on average per minute of airtime. With no other analyzed consignment this value is less than 100 euros.
    Overall, around 61 percent of all winners of the analyzed shows are male. In addition, the men secure the higher profits on average: the men of creation received an average of 9841 euros per person across programs. On average, the female candidates get 40 percent less: 5,963 euros per person. Only in four programs do the women achieve higher profits per candidate – all of them quiz programs: "You'll never get it!", "Asked – Hunted", "Quiz duel" and "Hirschhausen's Quiz of Man".

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