Venom director to bring Uncharted game adaptation to the cinema


     It has been known for years that the Uncharted video games should be filmed. Now that a main actor has finally been found, the project still has no director. However, a candidate is already known.
    It's not that the Uncharted film has trouble finding a director. On the contrary, the problem is to keep it. With Travis Knight (Bumblebee), the sixth director has already left the project. The reason for this should have been problems with the appointment. However, since the film is said to be released in cinemas in 2021, those responsible could slowly come under time pressure.
    The Uncharted movie is supposed to be about the treasure hunter Nathan Drake, who is played in the video games. Tom Holland will play a young Drake and show us how the treasure hunter became who he is in the games. Well-known mentor Drakes, Victor Sullivan will also be seen in the film. This is played by Mark Wahlberg. Now only one director is missing.
    Now, however, a new director has appeared on the scene, who according to the deadline is said to be able to realize the Uncharted project. Ruben Fleischer, who was responsible for films like Venom or Zombieland 2 in the past, could stage Uncharted. But even if Sony has now found a final candidate for the directorial post, Fleischer is not faced with an easy task. The shooting of Uncharted is said to be completed before the shootings for Spider-Man 3. Since Spider-Man 3 with Tom Holland should also start in 2021, the schedule looks extremely ambitious.
    It is still unclear whether Ruben Fleischer will actually be committed and finally bring Uncharted to the cinemas. Video game fans should keep their fingers crossed that this director is final.
    Source: Deadline

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