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    The Story of A Bigger World Trailer: A Bigger World – that's what Corine discovers when she falls into a trance in Mongolia during a shamanic ritual. The French woman only came to the remote steppe region to make ethnographic recordings as part of her work. But shaman Oyun reveals to Corine that she has a rare gift that needs training. Back in France, the experiences in Mongolia Corine never let go. Despite the resistance of her family, she returns to the steppe and embarks on a spiritual journey on old and forgotten ways. A journey that will change her life and her Western European perspective forever.Fabienne Berthaud (BAREFOOT ON NECK SNAILS) filmed the real story of Corine Sombrun with the cinema star Cécile de France (L'AUBERGE ESPAGNOLE), which is described in the book "My life with the shaman "(Goldmann Verlag). After her education in Mongolia, Sombrun now works with neurologists and brain researchers to understand the mental mechanisms behind the trance states and, for example, B. for therapeutic purposes.Actors: Cécile de France, Arieh Worthalter, Tserendarizav Dashnyam, Ludivine Sagnier, Narantsetseg Dash
    Directed by Fabienne Berthaud
    Production: Carole Scotta, Barbara Letellier, Christine Palluel
    Script: Fabienne Berthaud, Corine Sombrun, Claire Barré
    Background: A BIGGER WORLD has become a theatrical success in France and will be released in German cinemas on April 16, 2020.
    Film music: Thomas Gauder, Paul Heymans, Valentin Hadjadj, Fabrice Osinski

    Roles: Cécile de FranceCorineArieh WorthalterMarcTserendarizav DashnyamOyunLudivine SagnierLouiseNarantsetseg DashNaraa

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