The Witcher: Who is Geralt von Riva?


     Yellow eyes, gray hair and a scowl: Geralt from Riva is the main character in the Netflix series for The Witcher. But who exactly is the sorcerer? We have summarized the most important facts about the grim monster hunter for you.
    Geralt von Riva was originally not supposed to be the focus of the new Netflix series The Witcher, which is based on the books of the same name by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, but his foster daughter Ciri. But then everything turned out differently and now the series remains true to the book template, placing Geralt in the center even more than originally planned.
    One thing is certain: Geralt von Riva definitely offers potential for an exciting and multifaceted narrative with its complex character.
    Geralt's figure has many facets and, like the world in which he lives, does not correspond to a simple black and white scheme of good and evil. As a sorcerer at the Wolf School of Kaer Morhen, he makes a living by traveling through the countryside as a mercenary and killing monsters for a fee. The people of the Northern Kingdoms, in which Geralt travels during his adventures, are fundamentally rather skeptical and disapproving of witches because of their abilities. However, this is mutual.
    Geralt himself feels cold and cynical about his surroundings most of the time, which is due to his mutation into a witcher. In order to instill sufficient trust among potential clients, Geralt has adopted the nickname "von Riva" on the advice of his mentor Vesemir. He himself does not come from there, nor can he prove a noble origin. The Queen of Rivia only later beats him as a reward for his services to the Knight of Rivia. Despite his cold appearance, Geralt is the only sorcerer able to feel emotions. That is why he is able to build a relationship with Yennefer and Triss Merigold.
    Instead, Geralt grew up in Kaer Morhen, the witch's fortress. There his mother, the sorceress Visenna, gave him up for witch training shortly after his birth. How old Geralt actually is is still a matter of discussion. As a sorcerer, Geralt has many special talents and skills. This includes improved responsiveness, increased vision and hearing and particularly fast locomotion. Geralt can act in various ways, among other things, to burn his opponents, hurl them or even control their minds.
    Gwynbleidd (The White Wolf), as Geralt is called by the elves, usually always has two swords in his luggage. Geralt uses the steel sword against humans and animals, but also against mutants that were originally humans. The silver sword is used in the fight against non-human monsters and is equipped with special runes.
    His horse Plötze accompanies the witcher on his adventures, as does his friend, the scholar and poet Julian Alfred Pankratz Viscount de Lettenhove, better known in the English version as Dandelion and in German as Delphinium. By the way, it is called Jaskier in the Netflix series in English. The reason for this? So the name is in the original Polish book.
    At the moment it remains unclear which stories and adventures of the witcher the story of the Netflix series will concentrate on in detail and which form Geralt's character will take in detail. Since the author of the novel ndrzej Sapkowski is involved in the production as a creative consultant, the presentation may be very much based on the books.

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