Weathering With You: Additional cinema dates


     The theatrical release of the successor of YOUR NAME. Thrilled the audience: after Makoto Shinkai's latest work WEATHERING WITH YOU – the girl who touched the sun, the 67,000 spectators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland went to the halls in just two days on the big screen beckoned, there are now two additional screenings in theaters,
    All those who have not had the opportunity to experience the touching story and brilliant animation in the cinema will have the opportunity again on January 23 and 26. Nationwide, as well as in Austria and Switzerland, 224 cinemas show the film in additional screenings.
    The high school student Hodaka needs a change of scenery: he is drawn from the wilderness to completely overwhelming Tokyo, where life is not only exciting, but above all expensive. His days were initially marked by loneliness and he threatened to become impoverished until he finally managed to find employment as an editor at a questionable occult magazine. As if his difficult start in the big city was a harbinger of what to expect, it has been raining continuously since he arrived. But one day in the bustling city he meets a girl who will turn her life upside down: the strong-willed Hina, who lives alone with her little brother Nagi due to family circumstances. Hina has special abilities, because she has a mysterious power that allows her to prayerfully clear the sky and let the city sparkle in the beautiful sunlight. But it soon becomes apparent that this mysterious gift also has its dark side …
    With WEATHERING WITH YOU – The girl who touched the sun goes after “YOUR NAME. – Yesterday, Today and Forever ”(2018), one of the most successful anime masterpieces of all time, continues the success story of Makoto Shinkai. After the outstanding success of "YOUR NAME.", The viewers can look forward to a whole lot of poetry and romance in the once again powerful and emotionally charged cinema film. The magical atmosphere is underpinned by the unique and outstanding animation style, which has thrilled many viewers in the last year and also brings a lot of potential this year to push new boundaries.
    The German version features Sebastian Fitzner (including Tye Sheridan in "X-Men: Dark Phoenix) as Hodoka and Léa Mariage (including Jackson Robert Scott in" The Prodigy ") as Hina. Lucille-Mareen Mayr and Rainer Fritzsche (including Rafe Spall in "Men in Black: International) lend Natsumi and Keisuke their distinctive voices.
    In Japan, WEATHERING WITH YOU – the girl who touched the sun is by far the most successful film of 2019 and among the top 15 most successful films of all time. On the opening weekend, he exceeded all expectations and even left the opening weekend of “YOUR NAME.” With 830,000 tickets sold and sales of approximately $ 10.98 million.
    Here is a map with all participating cinemas that show the film:

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