Good films: According to a true story


     Real life is sometimes the best stuff films can be made from. Whether big personal kites, startling events or terrible disasters – the world offers us many stories that are well worth filming.
    The stories on the real events diverge widely. We are not rushing for detailed documentaries, but exciting strips that are as close to reality as possible, but can definitely captivate you. Perfect for a themed evening. It is striking how often Leonardo DiCaprio will be seen in our top 10 films based on real events. He's just doing damn well! Here is our ranking:


    This thrilling thriller finally brought Leonardo DiCaprio the longed-for Oscar! See him at home in the fight for survival in the wild soon. Here's the trailer for The Revenant.


    Philippe is rich, noble, educated and has a whole sack full of employees. It was stupid that he was paralyzed from the neck down. When Ex-Knacki Driss shows up and applies for a job as a carer, he doesn't seem suitable at first. But then a friendship develops between the two and Philippe can finally live again. Driss simply takes it with you wherever you go, regardless of whether it seems suitable for wheelchair users or not. Pretty much best friends.


    The financial genius Jordan Belfort doesn't know where to put his money at first. The main thing is that there will be more! Biopic with Leonardo DiCaprio: The Wolf Of Wall Street.


    For the 25th birthday, the groundbreaking film is coming to the cinema again – in 4K and with a new sound. But only in one day. Here we show you the new trailer for Schindler's list.


    The first trailer too. Thriller Zodiac The trail of the killer with Jake Gyllenhaal. Zodiac.


    Berlin, end of April 1945: The red army penetrates the urban area of ​​the capital and advances inexorably. A final contingent of fanatical SS and HJ units tries in vain to stop the advance of the fine. Trailer for The Downfall.


    Warsaw, 1939. The occupation of Poland by the Germans marks the beginning of a long journey of suffering for the celebrated Polish-Jewish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman. The pianist.


    In 1955, a brave, lean guitar player entered J.R. Cash called the studios of Sun Records – a label that was soon to become famous. Here is the trailer for the Biopic Walk The Line.


    Frank Abagnale Jr. was at the top of the FBI's wanted list in the 1960s. With a mixture of cheek, cleverness and charm, the teenager claims to be a co-pilot, doctor and lawyer. Trailer for the exciting film Catch Me If You Can.


    A drug from Mexico can alleviate the symptoms of AIDS patients, but is illegal in the United States. Drama with Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto. Dallas Buyers Club.


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