John Rambo – His Best Movie Sayings


     The legendary Rambo series began almost forty years ago and hardly any other figure has shaped the action cinema as much as John Rambo. Torn internally, he is a fighting machine on the one hand, but also a broken man who could never make peace with himself and his war crimes.
    But apart from his martial arts, Sylvester Stallone's prime role is also characterized by his one-liners: As taciturn as he may be, his sayings always hit the mark.
    Rambo (1982)

    Policeman: "Why do you have a knife with you, huh?"
    Rambo: "For hunting"
    Policeman: "A special smartass. What are you hunting with a knife? "
    Rambo: "Shit guys!"

    Rambo II – The Mission (1985)

    "To survive the war, you have to become a war yourself"

    Rambo: "Oh you know, I can be expendable."
    Vietnamese: "What does dispensable mean?"
    Rambo: “It's like being invited to a party and then not going. It just doesn't matter "

    Rambo III (1988)

    Russian officer (by radio): "Who are you?"
    Rambo (by radio): "Your worst nightmare."

    Trautman and Rambo are surrounded by the Russian army
    Trautman: "Do you have an idea"
    Rambo: "It doesn't run around you …"

    Rambo opens his equipment case, Hamid takes out an item
    Hamid: "And what is that?"
    Rambo: "This is blue light"
    Hamid: "And what does it do?"
    Rambo: "It shines blue"
    Hamid: "I understand"

    John and Trautman barely escape a conflagration
    Trautman: “That was almost John. How do you feel?"
    Rambo: "A little fried"

    John Rambo (2008)

    Rambo meets a missionary who wants to change the life of Myanmar residents
    Rambo: "Do you take weapons with you?"
    Missionary: "Of course not!"
    Rambo: "Then you won't change anything."
    Missionary: "It is this way of thinking that nothing changes in the world."
    Rambo: "Fuck the world."

    "You have war in your blood. If you are forced to do it, killing is as easy as breathing ”

    "Live for nothing or die for something!"

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