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    The story of Junkie Trailer: With Christian Kane (Angel, Leverage, The Librarians, Secondhand Lions, Her Minor Thing) Oscar winner Tim Russ (Star Trek Voyager, Bloomers) James Duval (Donny Darko, Independence Day) Anna Easteden (Wipeout, Two and a Half Men) and Eve Mauro (Living Dead), and based on the true story of the bestseller JUNKIE: Broken Wings, JUNKIE is an emotionally charged crime thriller about a small town flooded with rampant drug abuse and the addict June Taylor (Anna Easteden). It changes everything by swapping a needle for a weapon and defeating the local cartel.Actors: Christian Kane, James Duval, Tim Russ, Anna Easteden, and Eve Mauro
    Directed by Tim Russ
    Production: Shawnda Christiansen, Tim Russ, Jason Knittle

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