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    The story of The Wedding Trailer: Shortly after their first class reunion, the lives of Thomas (Til Schweiger), Nils (Samuel Finzi) and Andreas (Milan Peschel) are still chaotic: DJ Thomas wants to settle down and his Linda (Stefanie Stappenbeck ) get married, Nils, on the other hand, wants to forget the affair of his wife Jette (Katharina Schüttler) and Andreas wants to finally find great love in online dating after his separation from Tanja (Jeanette Hain). A surprising death on Thomas' bachelor party means that the three friends and Linda's daughter Lilli (Lilli Schweiger) have to attend a funeral that is anything but normal. While the unscheduled funeral is still delayed, Thomas' wedding is getting closer and he should actually have to take care of the preparations. What follows is a race against time, after which the three men finally realize what really matters in life: family, friendship and love.Actors: Til Schweiger, Samuel Finzi, Milan Peschel, Bianca Nawrath, Alessandro Emanuel Schuster, Timur Bartels
    Directed by Til Schweiger
    Background: The new romantic comedy by Til Schweiger in front of and behind the camera combines everything a romantic comedy should have. Love, pain and a joke or two. This time, Samuel Finzi and Milan Peschel are by his side as classmates, who are all in a similar situation. After the class reunion, it shows in very different ways how the seriousness of life has arrived.

    Roles: Til SchweigerThomasSamuel FinziNilsMilan PeschelAndreasBianca NawrathSarahAlessandro Emanuel SchusterOliverTimur BartelsLenny

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