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    The story of Agir Romantik Trailer: Asli is a naive, emotional and intellectual girl who just graduated from university. While her father Nejat is a professor of archeology at the university, her mother Nermin works as a doctor. Asli, who has always been spared and spoiled as an only child, eagerly waits to find her dream prince, but remains unsuccessful. Because her dream prince should be a spirited, romantic, polite, emotional man and a real gentleman. This model is actually her father. Her father Nejat is a true example of a romantic man. He is the perfect husband who always comes home with flowers, cooks and looks at his wife with loving eyes even after so many years. With her father's role model, Asli cannot be with anyone for years. She is always waiting for her dream prince … And suddenly one day Kerem comes into her life … They happen to get to know each other in a romantic situation. The dream prince she had been longing for is now in her life. With his style and attitude, he is an absolute gentleman and a person of love. This romantic man with subtle taste manages to win Asli's heart with love gestures that can otherwise only be seen in films … In the midst of a very serious, classy and loving relationship, they decide to get married … Kerem and Asli become engaged … everything is like in fairy tales … But the other side of the coin looks different … Kerem is actually the son of a famous tyrant, an important voice of the criminal world and an indomitable man. This romantic, dual-character man pretends to be Asli like a real gentleman you can really marry, but as soon as he's not with Asli, he turns into a real criminal. Kerem, who extorts protection money from which nothing shoots people and has his fingers involved in all illegal business in Istanbul, is feared and respected by everyone, does everything to prevent Asli from knowing the truth. But the bitter and at the same time funny ending remains unavoidable.Actors: Tuvana Türkay, Onur Tuna, Sermiyan Midyat, Altan Erkekli, Durul Bazan, Semra Dinçer, Servet Pandur, Gazanfer Ündüz, Samet Denizdurduran, Funda Dönmez
    Directed by Deniz Denizciler
    Script: Deniz Denizciler
    Country of production & year: Turkey 2020

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