Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson apparently has too little muscle for a superhero


     Hollywood legend Dwayne Johnson prepares for his role as Black Adam in the DC film of the same name. Of course, a hard training plan should not be missing in order to look good on the cinema screen. With a new picture on Instagram, the actor now shows that the hard work has paid off properly. Johnson not only shows his muscles, but also reveals more about the new blockbuster.
    There are few actors in Hollywood who can keep up with the muscle-bound figure of Dwayne Johnson. One might think that the ex-wrestler could hardly look any stronger. But for his role as Black Adam, Johnson is now proving the opposite and is currently lifting a lot of iron in the gym to get even more muscles. In a new Instagram picture, The Rock presents his back in the gym and announces his hard workout for the DC film. On top of that there is some exciting news for all fans.
    The Rock apparently has big plans for his new role. As a result, the entire DC universe can look forward to some crucial changes that it should have in it. Since 2008 it has been clear that the Hollywood star Black Adam should embody. According to the Hollywood standard, 12 years is quite a long time, which Johnson has now obviously used. His fans know that Johnson will not take such an important and long-planned project lightly.
    According to Johnson, Black Adam is not just another superhero film, but a really unique project. He wants to act as an anti-hero who will make his competition sweat a lot. At the top of this list is Shazam, who was already known in the comics as the archenemy of Black Adam. Johnson even revealed that there could be a fight between his character and Superman at some point.

    Before that, the DC film Birds Of Prey with Harley Quinn is currently in theaters. Black Adam will begin filming this summer before the film is scheduled to hit theaters in December 2021. In our video player you can now find out what Dwayne Johnson has to say about his new DC hero role. Just click in to start the video.

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