Fast & Furious in real life: The Battista comes to life


     Automobili Pininfarina started the year 2020 with the test and development phase for the groundbreaking Battista, the world's first fully electric luxury super sports car.
    Automobili Pininfarina's sports car director René Wollmann, who previously held a senior position at Mercedes-AMG, is responsible for the technical development schedule. The former Formula 1 and Formula E driver Nick Heidfeld, who is now a development driver and brand ambassador for the Italian luxury brand, will be at the wheel of the Battista prototypes.
    René Wollmann commented: "The Battista's chassis and drive concept test vehicles have already achieved 80 percent of their performance without any problems. Our electrical performance is therefore on a par with the world's most powerful sports car with a combustion engine. And we were able to fine-tune simulation and wind tunnel tests Aero-Packet a significant increase in the possible range of the Battista compared to our original forecast.
    Over the next six months, we will continue to work on the completion of a gripping all-electric super sports car that delivers a continuous output of 1,900 hp with a torque of 2,300 Nm, which can be called up in different driving modes for different circumstances. Our customers can hardly wait to experience this achievement alongside Nick Heidfeld. "
    Automobili Pininfarina's engineering team will now carry out a tight development program in the coming months with extensive tests, evaluations and adjustments in the climatic zones and environments in which the Battista will be driven. The highlight, however, will be the handover of the first hand-made Battista models to our customers, which is planned for the end of 2020 in Cambiano, Italy.
    The Automobili Pininfarina design team, headed by chief designer Luca Borgogno, has also created a unique paint job for the Battista prototypes, which will now be seen on the new sports car for the first time as the technical development program picks up speed in 2020.
    Luca Borgogno said: "We have been deeply impressed by the overwhelmingly positive responses to the Battista aesthetic that we have received since its debut, so we decided to develop a playful, interesting paint job for the prototypes that clearly differed from the is inspired by electrifying performance, which is hidden under the beautiful body.
    And yet we claim to further increase the enthusiasm of our future customers. To celebrate the 90th birthday of the famous Pininfarina design house, the Automobili Pininfarina team is now preparing a design that will give ultimate expression to the character of the Battista super sports car and prepare the vehicle for its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next month. "
    Here in the video you can see what it feels like to cruise through Monaco with the Battista. We have pictures of the electric car in our picture gallery for you.

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