The 100 Season 7: So the series continues


     The science fiction series The 100 enters its seventh round. As showrunner Jason Rothenberg announced via Twitter, the seventh season will also be the last. The series is supposed to end after exactly 100 episodes.
    The 100 is about a group of juvenile offenders who are sent to Earth from a space station to test their chances of survival after the space station runs out of air. On Earth, which had been made uninhabitable 100 years earlier by a nuclear world war, young people face various difficulties. Not only the power struggle within the group, but also life on earth turns out to be extremely dangerous. So young people are not the only survivors. The so-called grounders have survived on earth and live together in tribes. When they recognize the youth as a threat, a war breaks out.
    Meanwhile, the science fiction adventure is in its sixth season. The final seventh season should appear in 2020. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg therefore thanked Warner Bros and The CW for telling his story to the end as he had imagined. He also made fans aware that the series will end after exactly 100 episodes. When exactly the last season will be released is still unclear, but the sixth season was released in April 2019, so it would be quite possible that the new season awaits us again in April.
    To get 100 episodes, season seven will include 16 episodes. But it doesn't have to end afterwards. As TV Guide reports, the seventh season could initiate a possible spin-off. For example, it has been discussed in the past to shoot a prequel during the nuclear war. We will only know whether and when this prequel will appear in the near future when The 100 starts at America on The CW and with us in Germany on Sixx. In our player you can now find some of the best bad-ass moments in the series.

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