The Flash: Alleged story of the DC film on the net


     In 2022, Flash will sprint into the cinemas again at top speed. The details of the new superhero film have so far been reluctant. An alleged summary of the blockbuster now causes a lot of excitement among fans.
    In 2022, Flash blows across the screens again and will appear in his very own solo film for the first time. He is once again embodied by Ezra Miller, who also played the role in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League. Director Andrés Muschietti (Es, Es Kapitel 2) will take over the management of the project and is entering a completely new territory. DC did not want to reveal much about the plot for the new solo adventure of the bright red sprinter. But an alleged summary of the film is now making its rounds on the Internet and could clarify some questions.
    The storyline is as follows: "In history, Barry Allen / The Flash travels through time to prevent his mother's murder. But when he returns to the present, his mother is still alive and the world is a nightmare "The Justice League no longer exists and Barry has to do everything to fix things … At least as best as he can."
    That doesn't sound like a direct adaptation of the new Flashpoint comics, which tells the story of the superhero in a completely different way. If this synopsis turns out to be true, Andrés Muschietti will take a different direction with The Flash. However, this action has not yet been officially confirmed and remains a rumor for the time being. We'll find out which adventure The Flash is actually expecting in 2022 when the film is released in cinemas.
    Are you looking forward to a new solo film with The Flash? In our player you can now find one of the funniest scenes with The Flash from Justice League. Just click in to start the clip.

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