Temptation Island: Season 2 – These are the single men


    Women understanders, dating coaches or pure romantics: "Enjoy it!" is the motto of the 12 single men on "Temptation Island". On the "Island of Temptation", the boys unpack all their flirting skills to seduce the four forgiven women at hot pool parties, intimate dates and tempting adventures. But how flirt-resistant are the ladies?
    After all, they are taken and the partners are guaranteed to find out about every single affair by video around the campfire. Can women resist the charming attempts by single men to flirt, or will they risk their relationship? The 10 new episodes of the second season of the TVNOW Original will run on February 18, 2020 on TVNOW and on March 3, 2020 at 11:00 p.m. on RTL.

    Bastian (26) from Recklinghausen – Instagram: @bastian_leee

    For Bastian fear of contact is a foreign word, because in addition to his studies, the mechanical engineering student works as a stripper. So the single has no problems approaching women. The relationship status of the women is secondary – Bastian has also had a quarrel with forgiven women. Guilty conscience? Wrong! Bastian knew nothing about their relationships beforehand, but had no moral concerns afterwards. And also on the "island of temptation" Bastian does not want to burn anything and go full throttle. He would like to score with the stubbornness, his appearance and his good expressiveness with the forgiven women.

    David (28) from Cologne – Instagram: @ david_exagera_3x

    David has been single for almost nine years and would like to have a new relationship. His biggest dream is a house with a pool where he can live with his future wife, children and pets. Even if all of this sounds like softie and David looks like the cliché of the soft Sunnyboy at first glance – the forgiven women should not be fooled. Anyone who gets closer will experience a surprise: David's best piece is tattooed – with a clear message to the world of women: "Enjoy it". In order to seduce the forgiven women in paradise, the pool cashier, who is currently getting a training license for martial arts, has put together two concrete strategies: he wants to spoil the ladies with romantic gestures and talk them down about their partners. David already had a one-night stand with a forgiven woman. Will more follow on the "Isle of Temptation"?

    Dennis (27) from Frankfurt / Oder – Instagram: @dennis_stinsonn

    A romantic who believes in love at first sight – that's fitness trainer Dennis. In the search for great love, he does not stop at women who are in a relationship. He has had an affair with a forgiven woman in the past. In order to convince the ladies on "Temptation Island", Dennis does not have to do anything else than tense his biceps. He will be able to score with the ladies especially with his optics – after all, he has already won several Mister elections. But of course the muscle man also brings a lot of fun to the group.

    Diogo (25) from Cologne – Instagram: @ diogo13almeida

    You can see that Diogo works as a tattoo artist: Numerous tattoos adorn the toned body of the Portuguese-born. Even though he looks like a bad boy, Diogo claims to be decent, respectful and honest. The 25-year-old enjoys his single life to the fullest. On "Temptation Island" he wants to use a different flirting strategy than usual. While women usually approach him, Diogo wants to attack himself on the "Island of Temptation". The former party organizer is sure to create a good atmosphere.

    Dominik (29) from frankfurt – instagram: @_dom_jell_

    Dominik works professionally in the public security service – privately he enjoys his life as a single, travels a lot and likes to travel. Since his last relationship broke up four years ago, Dominik has also been active on dating platforms and has already met one or the other forgiven woman. Dominik feels comfortable as a single and is not looking for his dream woman on "Temptation Island" either. Rather, he is tempted by the idea of ​​being able to seduce beautiful women at paradisiacal parties. Whoever gets involved with the adventurous optimist can expect a mixture of "dreamer and realist, a bit macho, but also sensitive, understanding listener who can show feelings" – that's how Dominik describes himself.

    Eugen (26) from Essen – Instagram: @ eugen1pz

    Eugen is a fitness model, German champion in kickboxing and was born in Siberia. On "Temptation Island" he is ready for many things, but different than you would think. Out of respect for the fact that the women are forgiven, he cannot stand up for himself to do something serious with one of the four ladies. But that does not mean that the women would not want it, "since we are on the 'island of temptation' and the forgiven women there know exactly what they have agreed to," said Eugen. He therefore prefers to play the sympathetic confidant and relationship advisor. And Eugen knows that women cannot resist him because of his appearance and character.
    By the way: Eugen is the best friend of Mike Heiter, who won the RTL "Summer House of the Stars" together with the 2020 "Jungle" participant Elena Miras in 2019.

    Fatih (23) from Cologne – Instagram: @fvdyblvck

    Law student Fatih describes himself as a gentleman and romantic. Opening the door to a woman and inviting her to dinner is a good idea for athletic students with Turkish roots. Fatih, who works alongside his studies as a fitness trainer and Turkish teacher and is the brother of candidate Kübra, has never had anything with a forgiven woman. He believes in great love and would love it if the couples on the "Island of Temptation" were so close together that they could resist him and his seduction skills.

    Filippo (31) from Palma de Mallorca – Instagram: @ filippo.aranzulla

    Filippo is a bar manager at Ballermann and an olive farmer in Sicily – the charming and authentic southerner works where the sun is shining. His place of residence and work in Mallorca prepared him well for his participation in "Temptation Island", says the self-confident single man. After all, his role as a seducer corresponds to his everyday lifestyle at Ballermann, where he often only has a few days to convince ladies. Filippo not only offers something for the eyes, the entertainer wraps the ladies around his finger with his humorous and relaxed manner. The forgiven women on the "Island of Temptation" will certainly get to see a lot of his charm, but also of his trained & tattooed body.

    Florian (24) from Nuremberg – Instagram: @florian_selim

    Bundeswehr soldier Florian has many professional plans: He is currently training as an emergency medic and would like to be there next year when he is deployed abroad in Mali or Afghanistan. He also wants to start studying law again soon. He also dreams of big steps privately: Florian can hardly wait to get married, build a house and start a family. So far, he lacked the right woman. Will he find what he is looking for on the "Island of Temptation"? In principle, Florian is not averse to forgiven women – shortly before his trip to paradise, he already had something with a forgiven woman.

    Julien (27) from Hanover – Instagram: @julien_momm

    Flirting and falling in love is his job: Julien has been a dating coach since he was 19 and helps people to be successful with the opposite sex. After various other professional goals, Julien realized that dating is exactly his thing – so he set out to become the most successful dating coach in the German-speaking world. The flexitarian is very spiritual: he meditates for one hour every morning and deals with personal development, but also likes to party. Another contrast program suits him well: Julien has been traveling as a stripper for eight years. When traveling all over the world, he always gets to know a lot of cool new people – even now on the "Island of Temptation".

    Max (22) from Stuttgart – Instagram: @maxpirna

    Getting to know women is one of his hobbies: Max from Stuttgart says that he enjoys dating women but still hasn't found true love. With over 52,000 Instagram followers, he gets a lot of messages from his admirers. The Stuttgart native is currently training as a driving instructor and also has a timetable for his time on "Temptation Island": getting to know the woman of his life, ideally a mixture of sweet and sexy. Since the women from the villa are all taken, this will be a big challenge for him. One or the other viewer might find Max's face familiar from the RTLII soap "Cologne 50667", where he was seen in a supporting role.

    Mike (32) from Berlin – Instagram: @mikecees

    Multi-entrepreneur Mike is discreet about his private life because loyalty and privacy are extremely important to him. The successful event manager & DJ participates in "Temptation Island" because he wants to show that not only men have to resist temptation, but that the new season will also be a challenge for women. Mike loves variety and has often been disappointed in the past. In order to win his trust, the woman has to be honest and loyal to him. Whether he can concentrate on a lady on the "island of temptation" or whether he will fall in love? Delicate detail on the edge: Mike is very good friends with a former temptress from Season 1 of "Temptation Island" – Anastasiya Avilova, who was also seen in the RTL jungle this year. There are rumors of a possible love affair with the Playboy model …

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