Locke And Key Season 2 Launch on Netflix


     The new mystery series Locke & Key on Netflix has been available for a few days. Anyone who has already seen the ten episodes of the first season inevitably wonders whether and when it will finally go on. Show runner Meredith Averill and executive producer Carlton Cuse have announced something new in an interview.
    The first season of the comic book film Locke & Key has been on Netflix since February 7th. The comic series comes from Joe Hill, Stephen King's son and contains both mystery, fantasy and horror elements. The series is about the Locke family, who moves into the Keyhouse, the family estate of their ancestors, after the father's death. In the house, siblings Tyler, Kinsey and Bode discover magic keys that have different abilities. With the help of the keys, thoughts can be viewed, people can be commanded and plants can be checked. But the Lockes quickly realize that magic is dangerous and the family is hunted by a demon named Dodge.
    Anyone who has already fully streamed the first season knows that the end of the season makes a continuation possible. In an interview, show runner Meredith Averill and executive producer Carlton Cuse have announced that they are already working on a second season. The script is currently being written for a sequel. However, Netflix has not yet given the green light. Since the streaming service does not publish any viewership figures, it is difficult to say how successful the first season of the series has been so far, but the series has been considered by many sources to be one of the most anticipated series of the year. So it is quite likely that a second season will appear.
    However, this will be a long time coming. Even if Netflix orders a sequel in the near future, it's unlikely that it will be released until 2020.
    Source: Gamespot

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