Temptation Island: Season 2 – These are the single women


    Flesh-grown male dream, country girl or exotic student: These ladies are bound to have a bitchy fight. Because they don't let the hot flirt deter them from the fact that the man is in a relationship. On the contrary: That is often the incentive for single ladies to flirt. Will the man resist the flirting attempts or go on a hot date for two?
    And how jealous are the partners when they learn about the (supposed) affair of their beloved friend? These 12 ladies are the temptations on "Temptation Island" – will the men remain steadfast or lie at their feet in rows? We present them. The 10 new episodes of the second season of the TVNOW Original will run on February 18, 2020 on TVNOW and on March 3, 2020 at 11:00 p.m. on RTL.

    Coco (18) from Berlin – Instagram: @ dierichtige.coco

    At 18, Coco is the chick among single ladies. For her young age, the lively beautician has it all. In her free time she lets it rip, the weekend is almost always party time for Coco. The young Berliner uses her charms fully and does not stop at flirting with forgiven boys. Of course, she has already imagined her dream boy: he must have dark hair, be muscular and confident – just a "real" man.

    Dahnya (27) from Bremen – Instagram: @_dahnya_pauly_

    Dahnya is actually a real relationship man: So far she has had three steady friends, her longest relationship lasted a full five years. The charming blonde has been single for some time now and would like to inspire someone else's friend on the "Island of Temptation". Her tactic is clear: Dahnya approaches men openly, but always uses her sweet way to convince men of herself. However, the sales representative can also be really sexy: she has been doing belly dancing for 20 years and could use it to wrap the forgiven men around her fingers …

    Danijela (19) from Schondorf – Instagram: @danido_official

    Danijela knows exactly what she wants: she likes large southern countries and is not afraid of men who are in a relationship: she already had an affair with a forgiven man – and she is ready to experience this on "Temptation Iceland "to repeat. The power woman has done taekwondo for eight years and loves it when the men's world dances according to her pipe. She regularly spoils her almost 11,000 Instagram subscribers with seductive selfies. Can the forgiven men on the "Isle of Temptation" resist their charms?

    Jacky (29), Cologne, Hamburg and Dubai – Instagram: @ jacqueline.siemsen

    With Jacky, a real expert in seduction moves into the men's villa. The dancer could well imagine unpacking her pole dancing skills in order to cause wild fantasies among the guys and wrap them around her little finger. The talented businesswoman's last relationship broke up because she was betrayed by her boyfriend at the time. That is exactly why she wants to turn the tables on "Temptation Island" and relax one of the forgiven men. Jacky is currently commuting between three cities: she has an event agency in Cologne and Hamburg and runs an online shop in Dubai.

    Kim (22) from Cologne – Instagram: @ bacardi.feeling

    Kim is a real tomboy! She works as a hostess at trade fairs and events and wants to convince with a lot of charm on the "Island of Temptation". If the right person is there, she would also like to engage in a steady relationship, even if the chosen one is still forgiven. Kim expects a lot of fun and hot parties from "Temptation Island". Her flirting tactic: "Watch first and then attack." By the way, she wants to score with the forgiven men with two of her greatest passions: she loves to mix delicious cocktails and says that she can dance very well.

    Kübra (29) from Cologne – Instagram: @_kbelen_

    The funny natural beauty Kübra travels to the "island of temptation" with her brother Fatih. While Fatih wants to convince the women in the women's villa, Kübra is accelerating in the men's villa. The teacher has very specific questions that she wants to clarify by participating in "Temptation Island": Among other things, she wants to find out what true love is, whether you can still be faithful today and how seductive she is. The men's villa is definitely the right place for this …

    Melissa (21) from Friedrichshafen – Instagram: @melicumbuco

    She is blonde, beautiful and has Brazilian temperament. If you like Gisele Bündchen, you won't get enough of the 21-year-old half-Brazilian Melissa. The pretty blonde who u. a. Balancing gymnastics is one of her hobbies, currently enjoys her single life to the fullest, but is also open to a new relationship. Melissa is not afraid to convince forgiven men because she knows exactly how to draw attention. She has never been removed and is ready to tempt the men. On "Temptation Island" she has one thing above all in mind: she wants to flirt as much as she can …

    Monika (26) from Oldenburg – Instagram: @lolapokora

    The exotic student is half-Vietnamese, half-Slovak and has a strong hunting instinct. If you like a man, she grabs him. The cranky rebel finds it difficult to follow the rules. In the past, the self-confident single lady has been betrayed and cheated more often. Therefore, she believes that the relationships of men on "Temptation Island" are doomed to failure if they let them seduce them. Monika wants to open the eyes of the forgiven women. In their opinion, a "fraudster" can already be recognized by his gestures and facial expressions. Are the men really as loyal as they always say? She is sure that she will win the "flirt game" …

    Natascha (25) from Oldenburg – Instagram: @ natascha.ellen

    The seller wants to drive the men on the "island of temptation" with her mysterious way out of her mind. But she can also use her experience as a seductress of a forgiven man: her second partner was married while she was with him. The Oldenburg woman likes to be single, but in some moments she wants a friend. Is "Temptation Island" right for you? The other single ladies should watch out for Natascha: If someone gets in her way, she can become a bitch and will definitely mark her territory.

    Roxy (26) from ansbach – instagram: @_roxytv_

    Roxy is a real power woman with three great passions: screwing on cars, having a good party and lots of fitness. The brunette single lady has also come a long way: she is currently the 5th South German champion in the bikini class. Anyway, she's already a little star. For some time now she has been running her streaming channel "Roxy TV" – with over 21,000 subscribers on Instagram. On "Temptation Island", Roxy likes to take on the role of the seductress because she believes that everyone should find out whether their partner is really loyal. And Roxy will test this diligently on the "Island of Temptation" …

    Sabrina (26) from lance – Instagram: @sabrinaminaaa

    The seductive Sabrina is a real country girl. She loves animals, has her own horse, and rescues dogs from killing stations in order to convey them to new owners. And she can also celebrate well: she loves to let the party girl out at barn parties. Flirting is definitely one of them for Sabrina. By the way, participating in "Temptation Island" makes her dream come true. She had wanted to be a loyalty tester for a long time, as she often notices that men literally take her off. She can do this job very well on the "Isle of Seduction".

    Sarah (25) from Kassel – Instagram: @sarah_milka

    Sarah is the incarnate men's dream. She loves motorsport, is a grid girl on the racetrack and is always available for sport and action: Whether surfing or fitness – with Sarah it is never boring. She shares her almost 31,000 Instagram subscribers with her varied lifestyle – and is not stingy with her charms. With her optics she also wants to score on the "island of temptation" with men. So far it has always worked well, the stylist has never received a basket.

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