Netflix Charts: The Top 10 of the Day


     Netflix is ​​holding back on the number of viewers or popularity ratings of its own content. But recently you can see which series and films are in the German Top 10. Here is a brief overview.
    If you are currently at home out of caution or even in quarantine, you have plenty of time to stream series and films. Thanks to Netflix, subscribers to the service can now see which offers are particularly popular with us in Germany. The ten most streamed content of the streaming service includes four series and six films. Among other things, a German production and a well-known Hollywood blockbuster.
    The most popular is currently the Spanish Netflix Original Elite. The latest season of the drama has been available on Netflix for three days, and those who want to see the latest intrigue of the elite students can do so in eight new episodes of the third season. If you prefer to watch a film than a series, you should stream Spenser Confidential. The currently most popular Netflix film is about a former police officer who, after being released from prison, continues to investigate privately to convict the murder of his former superior.
    Another well-known series is in third place. Riverdale should be at least a household name for most Netflix users. Archie Andrews' drama series is currently in its fourth season. Riverdale has been on a short break since last Thursday, the next episode will appear on April 9, 2020. But even those who have already seen these three popular content will find something in the Netflix charts. Below we have listed the entire top 10 for you.
    Netflix Germany's Top 10 from March 16, 2020:
    Spenser Confidential
    Lost girls
    The Valhalla Murders
    Love makes blind
    How To Party With Mom
    Batman: The Dark Knight
    Leprechaun Returns
    Much glass

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