Disney + – That's why the new streaming service is worthwhile


     We are richer with an alternative, Disney has now started its streaming offer with us. If you are still hesitating and the name "Disney" has not already seduced you into a blind purchase, then we have valid reasons for (or of course against) the conclusion of a subscription.
    If you like superheroes, Disney + will provide you with the largest possible arsenal of films and series. You can find practically all Marvel heroes on offer. But not all of them, because some titles are still licensed elsewhere and will follow later. Even films that have just been released in the cinema do not necessarily end up directly at Disney +. They can probably still only be purchased as a purchase film in the stores at Amazon, Google and others. But Disney promises: everything comes to Disney +, except for films or series with an age rating of 18 and over. Disney + will definitely remain a family platform. You can still find such movies at other providers.
    Star Wars fans can't avoid a subscription, because the Star Warrior world is now only available at Disney +. So you can see all previous films and series there. Plus the new exclusive series "The Mandalorian" and many short films and specials.
    If you like the Disney world full of dumbos, bambis, Aladdins and such, then you will be served perfectly. You can find pretty much all the films you can imagine in the archive and watch them at any time.
    This also applies to the Pixar films and the well-known series from the Disney Channel or earlier from Super RTL. In summary, as a family with Disney + you will have a perfect time and the right film or series can be streamed to every mood.
    But that is exactly the catch: If you expect Disney + to constantly provide you with new material à la Netflix, then you have ended up with the wrong provider. Disney + is more of a huge archive of Disney material than a provider of new stuff. You feel a bit like sneaking into Walt's archive basement and finally digging for hidden and forgotten pearls.
    "Only" around 15 new and exclusive series and films can currently be seen at Disney +, you already know everything else – or you may know it from other providers or from the cinema. That will surely increase over time, but Disney + is currently only worthwhile for people who really enjoy a large Disney archive.
    Here we have an overview of the highlights of real novelties (Disney + Originals). Just click on it if you want to see trailers and information. If you decide to subscribe, you will currently receive an extra 200 points via Payback, i.e. a 2 euro discount.


    The trailer for the new Star Wars series at Disney +. Here you get a first insight into the new series from the mighty Star Wars universe. Star Wars: The Mandalorian.


    Disney + Stargirl is a delicate and unusual coming-of-age story. Based on a romantic book bestseller. Here comes the trailer and all the important information about the Disney + original. Stargirl.


    New faces bring a breath of fresh air to the roles of Gabriella, Troy and the rest of the gang: Nini, star of the Theater Camps; the skater Ricky, Nini's ex-boyfriend, and much more. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.


    A love story between a spoiled Cocker Spaniel named Lady and a stray crossbreed named Tramp. Lady finds herself on the street after her owners have had a child. Susi und Trolch.


    1925: The city of Nome in Alaska suffers from a wave of illnesses. To get essential medication into town, dog sleds are sent on a nearly 700-mile journey, including Togo the dog and its owner Leonhard Seppala (Willem Dafoe). Togo.


    The ups and downs of an adorable group of six dogs
    their fascinating and surprisingly exciting mission to become guide dogs. Dog life – from puppy to guide dog.


    Timmy Flop, who runs the Super Flop Inc. detective agency in Portland with his £ 1,500 polar bear partner Super. The trailer for the new film Timmy Flop: failure across the board.


    Forky, the fork from Toy Story, answers children's questions and explains everyday things. The first season has 10 episodes. Here is the trailer and the topics of the individual episodes in the overview. Forky has a question.


    A documentary series that different people behind some of
    Illuminated Disney's most magical stories. From the heart of the Disney resorts to the streets of Madrid. A day at Disney.


    There is a lot of tears, sweat and courage behind the magic of every Disney theme park, because creating happiness takes hard work. Take a look behind the scenes at The Imagineering Story.


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