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    These are the topics of the first 10 episodes with Forky: Forky has a question – What is a pet? Forky gets to know Rib Tickles, which he finds charming and pleasant, and then has to endure a lecture on the dangers for law enforcement officers. Some sequences contain flash effects that can affect light-sensitive viewers.
     Forky has a question – what is cheese? Mouse tooth is annoyed by Forky's questions and teaches him everything in a hurry.
    Forky has a question – what is reading? The energetic riots in the Shell siblings help Forky understand what "reading" is with the help of Mr. Spell.
    Forky has a question – what is love? Forky tries to understand what love is. He is helped by some of Bonnie's older toys that think they have experienced love and everything that goes with it.
    Forky has a question – what is time? Rex uses the age of the dinosaurs as an example to explain Forky the concept of "time".
    Forky has a question – what is a computer? Trixie explains to Forky what a computer does. They experience the usual technology stress …
     Forky has a question – what is a leader? Dolly teaches Forky everything about leadership skills and he puts them to the test immediately!
    Forky has a question – what is money? Specki tries to teach Forky how money works.
    Forky has a question – what is art? Sepp Stachel tells Forky about the complexity of being an actor and the art of convincing performance.
    Forky has a question – what is a friend? Forky explains what makes a good friend based on his limited life experience in Bonnie's room.

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    The story of Forky has a question Trailer: Forky, the fork from Toy Story, answers children's questions and explains everyday things. The first season has 10 episodes, directed by Bob Peterson
    Production: Mark Nielsen
    Script: Bob Peterson

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