Disney + – New Movies and Series in June 2020


     On June 9th Donald Fauntleroy Duck celebrates his 86th anniversary. Aged no feather, the choleric bird has enriched and inspired the everyday life of young and old for decades and can look back on an enviable career, which is why Disney + celebrates it with a whole load of films.
    On Disney + you will find a comprehensive collection of Donald Duck films and short films, such as the first Donald short film from 1934 "The clever little hen" and:

    Donald plays golf (1938)
    The Ice Hockey Champion (1939)
    Picnic on the beach (1939)
    Donald's Dog Washer (1940)
    A little dance with daisy (1940)
    Donald the Chef (1941)
    Donald's tire problems (1943)
    Donald the Nut Thief (1947)

    In addition, for the first time you can take a look behind the scenes of the creation of the most successful animated film ever: "Die Eiskönigin 2".
    Barely a year before the world premiere of "Frozen 2", the filmmakers, artists, songwriters and actors opened their doors to the cameras: in a 6-part documentary, they show the hard work, dedication and community that is necessary for one the most highly anticipated films in the almost 100 year history of Walt Disney Animation Studios. For the first time, cameras were there live to capture the challenges and breakthroughs, the art, creativity and complexity of producing the most successful animated movie ever.
    The 6-part special was produced by Lincoln Square Productions and Walt Disney Animation Studios and will be available in original language with German subtitles on Disney +. "Where Nobody Was Before: The Making of 'Frozen 2'" – From June 26th on Disney +.
    Disney + Originals – New in June

    SEASON FINAL -> Kitchen Heroes – Episode 11: “The Grand Finale”
    SEASON FINAL -> The World according to Jeff Goldblum – Episode 12: "Jewelry"
    SEASON FINAL -> encore! – Episode 12: "Ragtime • 2008 • Santa Monica, CA"
    Disney's Family Sunday – Episode 31: “Dalmatian Costume”
    Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian – Episode 6: “Production”
    A Day at Disney – Episode 27: "George Montano: Plasterer"
    A Dog's Life with Bill Farmer – Episode 4: "Rescue Dogs & Dog Mayors"
    Marvel's Hero Project – Episode 12: “High-Kick Izzy”
    Disney Insider – Episode 6: “Artemis Adventure, Taste Of Disney, Runaway Railway” (OV title)


    Disney's Family Sunday – Episode 32: “Winnie the Pooh Throwing Game”
    Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian – Episode 7: “Music”
    A Day At Disney – Episode 28: "Scot Drake: Creative Director Imagineering"
    A Dog's Life with Bill Farmer – Episode 5: "The Surfing Corgi & Bee Dogs" (OV title)
    Marvel's Hero Project – Episode 13: “The Rising Seamus”


    SEASON FINAL -> Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian – Episode 8: “Connections”
    Disney's Family Sunday – Episode 33: "Monster AG Water Bottles"
    A Day at Disney – Episode 29: "Candice Valdez: Radio Presenter"
    A Dog's Life with Bill Farmer – Episode 6: "Stunt Dogs & Water Rescue Dogs" (OV title)
    Marvel's Hero Project – Episode 14: “The Dynamic Daniella”


    RESTART -> “Where Nobody Has Been Before: The Making of 'Frozen 2'” (All Episodes)
    Disney's Family Sunday – Episode 34: "Seven Dwarf Cones"
    A Day at Disney – Episode 30: "Marc Smith: Story Artist"
    A Dog's Life with Bill Farmer – Episode 7: "Stunt Dogs & Water Rescue Dogs" (OV title)
    Marvel's Hero Project – Episode 15: "Traveling Robbie"

    Disney + – New in June
    June 5th

    Invincible – the dream of a lifetime

    12th of June

    A sheep is made of wool
    Cars Toons: hiccups
    Cars Toon: Hook detective agency
    Maleficent: Powers of Darkness
    Mighty Med – We Heal Heroes (Season 1 & 2)
    Party Zentrale (short film with Mike and Sully)
    The Secrets of the King's Cobra (National Geograhic)
    Toy Story Toons: Small portion
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 – The secret of La Fidèle
    Jafar's return

    June 19

    The House of the 101 Dalmatians (Season 1)
    Alaska's Grizzly Gauntlet (Season 1)
    Big Sur: Wild California (Season 1)
    Birth Of Europe (Season 1)
    Egypt's Treasure Guardians
    Primal Survivor (Season 1)
    Secrets Of The Zoo (Season 1)
    Toy Story of Terror!
    Toy Story – May the games begin
    United States of Animals (Season 1)
    Unlikely Animal Friends (Season 1-3)

    June 26th

    A.N.T .: Attention nature talents (season 1-3)
    Percy jackson under the spell of the Cyclops

    Disney + – movie highlights in June


    A new threat is emerging and it takes place several years after the events in the first part. The enchanted bogs are in great danger. Detailed trailer for Maleficent 2 – Powers Of Darkness.


    The demigod camp is in danger! The protective wall of the camp is broken and only if the Golden Fleece is recaptured can it and all demigods who live there be saved. Percy jackson under the spell of the Cyclops.


    The bartender Vince Papale is already 30 years old, has not got very far professionally and has just been abandoned by his wife. He dreams of playing in his favorite football club, the Philadelphia Eagles. Invincible – the dream of a lifetime.


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