Lucifer Season 5: All episodes are significantly longer than in Season 4


     If you've followed the path of the devilish crime series Lucifer, you're used to suffering. But right now there is wonderful news, which makes the anticipation for season 5 grow. The episode length is adjusted again, upwards!
    Lucifer fans have always needed strong nerves in the past when it comes to their favorite series. At first, US broadcaster FOX wanted to stamp out the series, but then Netflix stepped in and saved the stuff, which should be over after the third season. This change is not noticeable with us because Amazon Prime Video shows the series in the stream from the beginning.
    A loose fan request on Twitter now triggered joy in the community. Producer Ildy Modrovich replied with a message that made us listen. The new episodes in Lucifer season 5 are said to be between 50 and 60 minutes long. This is a proud extension, especially since the number of episodes has already been corrected upwards.

    Hm … mostly sworn to secrecy. Mostly … Because I CAN tell you that ALL the episodes are SUPERSIZED. Between 50 and 60 mins each. (IE: we're long-winded mo fos this season.) # LuciferSeason5 #Lucifer #LUCIFERONNETFLIX
    – Ildy Modrovich (@Ildymojo) May 13, 2020

    In Corona times in particular, this is a message that would not have been expected. While production studios are consistently struggling with outages and delays, Ildy Modrovich sweetens the wait for the fifth season of the devilish crime series with even more airtime. This was already screwed up with the change to Netflix because the typical time frame for TV series was dropped, so that the consequences, including advertising, fit perfectly into the program. This no longer plays a role in the stream.
    There are now 16 episodes on the schedule, the first of which will be released in 2020. Due to the complications of the shooting, the season will probably be broadcast split, which should also change the schedule in the Prime stream. It remains to be seen whether we are really waiting for the final season of the series. So far, negotiations with leading actor Tom Ellis have been at least tough. But we also know that this show never gets boring behind the scenes.

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