RTL: Oliver Pocher goes on a world tour with his father


     Oliver Pocher: cheeky, loud, provocative and always on air – the ultimate Hans Dampf in all streets! His father Gerd: Good accountant from Burgwedel near Hanover. What happens when this unequal duo travels together? Visited places that Papa Pocher only knows from hearsay?
    Bizarre customs, strange food, strange customs and two personalities in the middle that couldn't be more different. The starting shot for the new two-part documentary series "Pocher & Papa while traveling" at RTL! A wild trip that will test the relationship between the two and change it forever. The crazy adventure starts on June 19 at 8:15 p.m. with the first trip to Thailand. In the second episode on June 26th we go to the land of unlimited possibilities – to the USA.
    Father Gerd actually got around quite well in his life. From the bedroom to the bathroom, then to the office … and also in Europe, the 70-year-old Lower Saxony knows at least to some extent. But he knows the big wide world, in which his son and entertainer Oliver has long been at home, almost exclusively from stories. And because father and son have never been out together for more than 48 hours in the past 20 years and also have a very reserved relationship with each other, Gerd has to get out of the rut. If not now then when? So Olli takes his dad on a trip. Off to the plane and off to Thailand. Finally time for togetherness.
    Thailand – gateway to Southeast Asia: dazzling cities meet rustic country life, impressive temple complexes on dreamy beaches … but of course there are also ladyboy shows, extremely rustic massages, dispensable monastery life, shy mountain peoples, interesting food, hard Thai boxing and much more! And how do you get to know a country best? By discovering and trying it all …
    In the second part of the documentary, on June 26th, 8:15 pm, it takes father and son to the USA, the land of unlimited possibilities! The best place for a road trip of a different kind. Just pack your dad, drive off and stop and mix in where it could be interesting. For example, in a NASA centrifuge, as interns with robust cowboys, as Elvis impersonators in a wedding chapel or with trigger-happy rednecks. Always applies: right in the middle instead of just there! Among other things, Pocher and Papa face intensive astronaut training, botox treatments, square dance competitions, stand-up adventures and the good old wild boar hunting – the latter becomes a very bloody affair for Oliver Pocher …
    "Pocher & Papa auf Reisen" is a production of Banijay Productions Germany on behalf of RTL. The film was shot from January 2020 to March 2020 in Thailand and the USA. The director is Katy Wagner. The producer is Mathias Belschner and the executive producer is Kirsten Rütt. The editors are Rüdiger Hennecke and Christiane Hewel (RTL) under the direction of RTL entertainment chief Kai Sturm.
    Incidentally, the idea is not entirely new. British comedian Jack Whitehall has traveled the world with his father in three seasons on Netflix and it is so funny there that you really have to laugh out loud when you watch it. "On the move with my father" is the name of the series on Netflix and you can watch it here.

    You can see the two episodes of Pocher on June 19th. and on June 26th at 8:15 p.m. at RTL

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