Dead Girls Lies Season 4 Shouldn't Have Less Episodes


     It will soon be time: The last season of the Netflix series Dead Girls Lies is not going to start. However, fans have to prepare for less replenishment. Because we have learned that the fourth season will have fewer episodes than the predecessors.
    Even the first season of Dead Girls Lies Not caused plenty of discussion material. The two subsequent seasons were also not received positively by all viewers. Dead Girls Lying Not dealing with many sensitive issues, such as rape and suicide. Nevertheless, the series was also very successful worldwide. A fourth season is now scheduled to conclude and has reduced the total number of episodes.
    Showrunner Brian Yorkey reveals why Season 4 of Dead Girls Lies will not only have 10 episodes: "I think 10 episodes are a good length for the season. […] In the finale you will find out why it is the right number." The number of episodes seems to play a very important role, as reported by Cinema Blend among others. So far, it is not yet possible to say exactly what it is actually about. In addition to leading actor Dylan Minnette, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn and Christian Navarro will also play.
    The third season left us with a shocking ending. Monty was accused of killing Bryce and ended up in prison. He was finally murdered there. Season 4 will definitely have a lot of new surprises in store for us. Would you like to see more seasons on the series?
    Dead girls lying Not supposed to start at Netflix on July 5th, 2020. In our video player you can now find the teaser for the new season, in which we see the touching farewell of the stars. Just click in to start the video.

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