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    The story of Into the Beat – Your heart dances Trailer: Katya (Alexandra Pfeifer) is an outstanding ballet talent. She trains hard for auditions at the New York Ballet Academy and has a good chance of receiving a scholarship. But when she met a group of street dancers, a whole new world opened up to her: In contrast to classical ballet, urban dance was free and explosive, without rules, the laws of gravity seemed to be overridden. Katya's heart catches fire for the new style, where she can express all her emotions – and for the introverted Marlon, a gifted hip-hop dancer (Yalany Marschner). He recognizes her dancing potential and asks her to participate in an audition by the world-famous street dance crew Sonic Tigers. Katya plunges into a hitherto unknown way of life of light-heartedness, community and spontaneity. She senses that she cannot go back to ballet. But her father Victor (Trystan Pütter), a famous ballet star, sees it differently. But Katya follows the dance of her heart – can she make the jump? Actors: Alexandra Pfeifer, Yalany Marschner, Trystan Pütter, Helen Schneider
    Directed by Stefan Westerwelle
    Script: Hannah Schweier, Stefan Westerwelle
    Background: Emotions are discharged in rousing dance choreographies: Here two dance and life worlds, which could not be more different, collide violently. In doing so, they whirl up the self-imposed goals and feelings of the two adorable young protagonists. In incredible choreographies, the perfect, elegant body discipline of classic ballet meets explosive, acrobatic street dance with its hard, driving beats. The irresistible flow that arises takes the audience this summer on an exciting rollercoaster ride of the first great love and the not always easy search for their own way.

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