Joko & Klaas Punishment: So funny they set the ProSieben trailers


     ProSieben won against its moderators Joko and Klaas last night. Now the two have to do what the employer demands. And the punishment sounds like real work: the two of them have to speak to all ProSieben program trailers for a week.
    To be very precise: From 12 noon today and until the next show of the two at ProSieben on Tuesday (May 26, 2020), they will really discuss every program trailer on TV. And of course they don't just do this by drowning out the usual sonorous bass of the accustomed professional speaker, they make their own works of art out of it.
    Because the two of them are sometimes escalating in punitive work in the speaker booth, ProSieben occasionally shows what Joko & Klaas looks like while working on the speaker. Here in the player we have an example for you: all program spots at ProSieben will look so strange and funny in the next few days:

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