Michael Bay plans Coronavirus thriller – FILM.TV


     The Transformers maker is apparently convinced that after the pandemic we want to watch a thriller about the pandemic. That's why he decided to be a producer on the project for the film “Songbird”. Incidentally, it should be shot in a few weeks so that the film can be released quickly.
    After all, if the film takes place in the Covid 19 pandemic, then it is plausible why we all see actors with face masks and a wide distance. So maybe the shooting should be relatively easy. And that, although everything is currently standing still in Hollywood. But Bay wants to be the first to start up a studio in L.A. and make a film. On top of that, the makers plan to tease it up a bit like “Cloverfield” or “Blair Witch Project”. That means: the actors could find video recordings of people who were already dead and look at the material. So the story gets a past and works on several levels.
    Michael Bay imagines “Songbird” as a film that will play about two years from today in the future. The pandemic is not over yet and the corona virus has changed again and again. So mankind continues to suffer from him and a cure is still far from being found. Governments have repeatedly ordered lockdowns, the economy is a mess, and the global crisis is unimaginable.
    That sounds like a good action plot, admittedly. But do people want to see a film in crisis that shows how bad things could get? It is definitely a matter of tact and of course the situation with the people themselves. If the virus is really raging in our umpteenth lockdown, then nobody will want to watch his life in the cinema again 1: 1.

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