The Blacklist Season 7: Early start date on Netflix


     We now get to see the seventh season of The Blacklist earlier than we thought. Netflix preferred the new episodes after it became clear that they would be completed on time despite the Corona crisis stopping filming. We'll show you the start date and an exciting preview here.
    A very special season finale awaits us in the new season of the crime series. Although the shooting had to be ended prematurely, the creators quickly came up with something to deliver The Blacklist Season 7 on time. The scenes that could not be shot because of the corona pandemic were simply replaced by animations that everyone involved could create comfortably and safely in the home office. The voices were spoken by the actors and the crew also worked from home. Maybe the makeshift will soon become a future model for work without physical presence in the studio.
    Take a look at the animated scenes. Below in the video player we show you a clip with Raymond Reddington and Co., which comes entirely from the computer. Then you know what to expect when the new episodes of The Blacklist start streaming on Netflix on June 15, 2020. Only a shortened number of episodes awaits you, but due to the difficult conditions in Corona times this is quickly forgiven. You have to do without three episodes, because there are only 19 instead of the normal 22 in the package.
    Of course, despite the animated scenes, you don't have to do without the main actors James Spader and Megan Boone. The real scenes are predominant, so you can see a lot of Elizabeth Keen and Raymond "Red" Reddington. Get in the mood now with a look at the animations in season 7 of The Blacklist below in our video player.

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