The Kangaroo Chronicles: From July also with a 3D scene


     With over 500,000 viewers in 700 cinemas after just ten days, DIE KÄNGURU-CHRONIKEN was by far the number one in the German cinema charts and well on the way to becoming the most successful German cinema film in 2020.
    Unfortunately, due to the virus suddenly being slowed down, the film was now available in the home theater and the cinema operators were involved in the proceeds from it. This proportionate proceeds will go to a corona rescue fund managed by the HDF, AG Kino and BkF e.V.
    With almost 100,000 viewers in the steadily growing number of drive-in cinemas alone, DIE KÄNGURU-CHRONIKEN are once again the darling of the audience there – from young to old, this comedy probably lures the cinema to the unusual couple of generations.
    THE KÄNGURU-CHRONIKEN are already being played in the first already reopened cinemas and provide a very welcome and entertaining change for the whole family – but the kangaroo still has a surprise in its bag:
    On July 2nd, just in time for the start of the summer vacation in the first federal states, all cinemas across Germany will start all over again: "DIE KÄNGURU-CHRONIKEN RELOADED" with a setting in 3D. You will have to find out what that is and what exactly will feel particularly funny in 3D in the cinema. The film is definitely worth it, as the trailer here clearly shows:

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