A Good Woman Is Hard To Find: New psychological thriller in home theater


     With the British psychological thriller A Good Woman Is Hard To Find, you will be served exciting film food for your home theater. The strip is now available digitally. We'll show you the German trailer to get you in the mood and reveal what the film is all about.
    The single parent Sarah is pushed by others until she finally takes her fate into her own hands, at all costs. After losing her husband, more negative influences pound on her from all sides. But that's over now, Sarah decides. It is beginning to tackle all the people and circumstances who always want it bad. Mourning phase or not!
    Not enough that her husband's death remains unresolved. Now the criminal Tito is at her door and wants to use her house as a hiding place. To make matters worse, the mafia in the village becomes aware of them. That is too much ballast and Sarah makes the decision not to put up with anything anymore and to use her defense. If need be, and definitely must, even with violence.
    A Good Woman Is Hard To Find is the second feature film by director Abner Pastoll. Previously, he directed the mystery horror flick Road Games in 2015. Now a brutal thriller is planned with Sarah Bolger in the lead role. Edward Hogg and Andrew Simpson can be seen at their side. The script was written by Ronan Blaney, who gave us the horror comedy Love Bite in 2012.
    The FSK gave the psychological thriller the age rating of 16. This also applies to the trailer for A Good Woman Is Hard To Find, which we show you in the video player below. The film will be released on Blu-ray and DVD from May 29, 2020. It is already available digitally.

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