Body Cam: theatrical release and trailer for the mystery horror


     What looks like a cop thriller at first glance quickly becomes a full-blown mystery horror. Body Cam will soon be released in German cinemas. We reveal the start date and show you the trailer for the film here.
    Renee Lomito-Smith (Mary J. Blige) takes her job with the police very seriously. She conscientiously patrols with her colleague and ensures law and order on the streets. When a van is routinely checked, Renee witnesses her partner's supernatural death. The surveillance camera reveals how the stopped driver hurls her colleague far through the air. After she has viewed the video material for the first time, it disappears, making the police officer appear untrustworthy. Although she can continue to do her job, the flaw remains. Even the uncertainty in yourself always goes on patrol.
    One day there are new incidents with unexplainable events. Renee is there again, this time with her new partner Danny (Nat Wolff). Both deal with crimes that involve certain superpowers. Whatever or whoever is behind it has to deal with two determined cops who don't give up trying to find out what's behind the incidents even against the resistance of their superiors.
    With his second feature film, director Malik Vitthal also made it into German cinemas. After a few short films, Vitthal finally became known for the Netflix production Imperial Dreams. With Body Cam he stages the screenplay by Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact) and Richmond Riedel (Target Practice).
    Body Cam will be released in cinemas in Germany on August 6, 2020. Check out the detailed trailer for the mystery horror in our video player, starring Mary J. Blige and Nat Wolff.

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