Dead Girls Lies Not Season 4: Detailed Trailer for the Finale


     The final spurt of anticipation is initiated, because the last season of Dead Girls Lies Not is within reach. To shorten the waiting time, we now have the detailed trailer for you. The last episode of the drama series can be seen on Netflix in a few days.
    We are expecting only ten instead of the usual 13 episodes, but all the secrets that Dead Girls Lies Has Not Accumulated so far are to be solved. This should also make the finale so hotly controversial, the three seasons before. Brian Yorkey, the creator of the series, revealed in an interview with Cinema Blend that the size of 10 episodes is not chosen arbitrarily, but will make a lot of sense in the end. This was already the case at the beginning of the season of 13 episodes, since the original title is 13 Reasons Why.
    After the Season 3 cliffhanger, we're particularly excited to see how the allegations against Monty will resolve and who's behind the murder. Students will also graduate from Liberty High School. Along with this, important decisions have to be made about the past and the future. Not an easy task after the experiences we have seen so far. Fans of the series also advocated continuing Dead Girls Lies, but the streaming service and client Netflix decided to end it after season 4.
    With the trailer below in the video player you get a good taste of what awaits you. In addition to the main actor Dylan Minnette, Alisha Boe, Christian Navarro and Brandon Flynn can be seen again. From June 15, 2020, the fourth and final season of the series will finally start at Netflix.

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