Riverdale Season 5: Netflix launch date postponed


     For the new episodes of Riverdale fans of the series must also put back. Netflix is ​​forced to postpone the start of season five. We'll tell you the new start date and the reasons for it here:
    The ongoing corona crisis messed up the final episodes of the Netflix series. Weekly dropouts, postponed filming and a lot of delays you had to accept in the end. Season 5 of Riverdale is now being postponed, even until next year. Netflix had to take this step because the CW broadcasting network has also postponed the first broadcast for US television. The new broadcast date is targeted for January 2021, instead of the previous one in autumn 2020. Since the series is not pre-produced and subsequently published, but instead is sequentially filmed, problems such as Corona can quickly lead to the broadcast schedule collapsing.
    This follows the postponement of a number of other new dates that were made necessary by the Corona crisis. Numerous production stops and interruptions in filming brought delays, which now meant that the entire plan had to be turned upside down. In addition to the teams behind the camera, the performers also have to update their calendars and this results in a large adjustment of shooting days. To be on the safe side, those responsible are now granting a three-month buffer so that they can enjoy Riverdale Season 5 from January 2021 onwards as usual without the negative surprises from this year.
    After all, the new episodes will have their usual scope again, that much has already been revealed. After the abrupt, premature end of Season 4, the scope will again be 22 episodes. Reason enough to be calm about the shift.

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