Twilight actor found dead – he was only 30 years old


     It's sad news for all Twilight fans: Gregory Tyree Boyce, who appeared in the first part of the series 12 years ago, was recently found dead. Boyce was only 30 years old and was discovered together with his late girlfriend. What else we know about the terrible incident can be found here.
    Gregory Tyree Boyce, who appeared in the first Twilight film, was found dead with his girlfriend Natalie Adenike Adepoju. The two were discovered in Las Vegas, as reported, among others, by Variety. Boyce was 30 years old, Adepoju was only 27. So far, there is no exact information about the cause of death of the two stars. According to official information, it could take 6 to 8 weeks for the cause to be identified.
    Boyce played Tyler Crowley in Twilight. Since then he has also played cowboy in Apocalypse from 2018. According to his mother, Boyce recently had another career in mind. Accordingly, he wanted to open his own restaurant and had specific plans for it. Boyce leaves his 10-year-old daughter Alaya and Adepoju her 4-year-old son.
    The latest novel in the Twilight series entitled Midnight Sun is due to be released on August 4th. It tells part of the story of the previous Twilight books from the perspective of Edward Cullen. The popular vampire quickly became a favorite character for many readers and will undoubtedly have a different perspective than his great love Bella Swan. As the publisher Little, Brown Young Readers reports, the new book is darker than its predecessors. After all, Edward has to cope with his lust for blood, which has already plagued him in the original books. It remains to be seen whether the new novel can match the success of the first books.

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