Amazon Prime Video: New Movies and Series in July 2020


    Jennifer Lopez undresses, Harry Potter conjures up again and HANNA distributes the hat in new episodes of the agent series. The summer on Amazon Prime Video shines particularly with new films, but series are also not neglected. Below this text you will find Germany's clearest list of the new films and series in July 2020 in the stream on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Video.
    The soccer games of the season relegation are not listed. There are four clubs in the first and second Bundesliga in the decisive games and Prime members are there live. Amazon broadcasts the relegation games on July 2nd, July 6th, July 7th. and 11.07. live in Germany and Austria, without additional costs for Prime members.
    With Absentia, HANNA, Breathe and The Catch, the list of new series seasons is relatively short. For this, over 15 new blockbusters await you on Amazon Prime Video in the first real summer month of the year. Here is an overview of all upcoming films and series in July 2020:
    New series & seasons at Amazon Prime Video in July 2020:
    From July 3rd:

    From July 9th:

    From July 17th:

    Absentia Season 3
    The Catch Season 1 and 2

    New movies on Amazon Prime Video in July 2020:
    From July 1st:

    From July 3rd:

    From July 6th:

    47 meters down: uncaged

    47 meters down

    From 07.07 .:

    2040 – We save the world

    From July 10th:

    From July 11th:

    From July 13th:

    From July 15th:

    From July 18th:

    From July 21:

    Night school

    The Legend of Hercules

    From July 30th:

    New kids highlights at Amazon Prime Video in July 2020:
    From July 1st:

    From July 4th:

    From July 14th:

    New titles to buy and rent on Amazon Prime Video in July 2020:
    A hidden life

    available for purchase from 03.07.
    available to borrow from 03.07.

    Little Joe: Happiness is a business

    available for purchase from 16.07.
    available to borrow from 30.07.

    S.W.A.T. – Season 3

    available for purchase from 16.07.

    Doctor Who – Season 12

    available for purchase from 24.07.

    Outlander – Season 5

    available for purchase from 24.07.

    The Blacklist – Season 7

    available for purchase from 30.07.

    The King of Staten Island

    available to borrow from 30.07.

    Lili Reinhart, Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B. make you on Magic Mike and strip in the cinema. And they really have what it takes: here comes the first German trailer for the film Hustlers.

    A little thrill on a beach holiday turns into claustrophobic horror with difficulty breathing – at a depth of 47 meters. The new trailer is not for wimps. View here: 47 Meters Down.

    A dive into a sunken Mayan city. But their amazement at the unexplored ruins remains in their throats and the dive becomes a horror trip. 47 meters down: uncaged.

    Magic and action: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco and Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliff conjure themselves up with the NEW TRAILER to Die Unfassbaren 2.

    Frank Walsh is an experienced hunter and collector of exotic animals, which he sells to zoos worldwide. When a rare white jaguar falls into his trap, he senses the big money. Nicolas Cage in the trailer for Primal.

    Some of the best horror writers have teamed up to instigate a new horror clown, the devil, a witch, and a gruesome ghoul on Halloween. The trailer for Halloween Haunt.

    The experienced hunter Martin is said to catch a rare tiger in the Tasmanian jungle, but he is not the only one. This is how an exciting search for this unique animal begins. The Hunter.

    Mr. Bean is back as a super agent to make the next mission fail! Here is the German trailer for the action comedy with Rowan Atkinson: Johnny English 3 – You Only Live Three Times.

    The series maker of "Bad Banks" brings the book bestseller to the cinema. Louis Hofmann from the "Dark" series also appears in the cast. Here we show you the first trailer for the film German lesson.

    The moon landing comes to the cinema – with Ryan Gosling in the leading role. Be there live as the first person ever is shot into space. We show you the trailer for the drama Departure To The Moon.

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