Dark: Who is Helge Doppler?


    A confused old man is up to mischief. It is Helge Doppler who suffers from dementia. But that was not always the case, because he is involved in many events. We enlighten you about the life of Helge Doppler.
    The young Helge has an difficult life, his mother Greta is very strict with him. He is very shy and repeatedly victim of children from his neighborhood. In 1986, as an adult, he got a guard at the nuclear power plant, which was managed by his father Bernd Doppler. Nowadays, Helge Doppler has dementia and is actually housed in a nursing home, from which he breaks out several times. His son Peter and daughter-in-law Charlotte occasionally look after him.
    Ulrich Nielsen is also interested in his story. He suspects that Helge Doppler might have something to do with his missing brother Mads. But a real conversation with the old man is not possible. Helge Doppler then travels back in time, while Ulrich Nielsen unwittingly follows him. But unlike Helge, Ulrich arrives in 1953.
    There he meets Helge Doppler, but he meets Helge, who is about nine years old. Ulrich thinks that if he kills Helge, his brother Mads won't go away. So he reaches for a stone and hits Helge's head. Which also explains his mutilated ear in later life. When the young Helge is finally passed out, Ulrich also locks him up in a bunker. He only comes out of this because there is a crack in the time through which he sees Jonas Kahnwald in 1986. When the two touch, Helge is drawn to 1986.
    It was only after half a year that Helge Doppler returned to the family home in the summer of 1954. His family is very surprised and of course wants to know what happened to him. But after his return, he doesn't speak to anyone, not even the police officer Egon Tiedemann, who is investigating his case. Only Noah makes him speak, the two seem very familiar. In fact, it was Noah who took care of the little boy during Helge's journey through time in 1986 and brought him back to 1954.
    The connection between the two never really breaks off, so Helge Doppler became a henchman of Noah in 1986 when he was an adult. He is said to kidnap several children so that Sic Mundus can abuse them for time travel experiments. Sic Mundus is the secret organization that Noah works for. Noah also has easy play to convince Helge to participate, he manipulates him and claims that Helge would destroy the evil. Helge, who is still shy, does not dare to express doubts, although he thinks about it.
    Egon Tiedemann, still a police officer in Winden, notices that something is wrong with Helge. Because on the day of the kidnapping of Mads, Helge was very conspicuous. Therefore, he makes an appointment with Helge to hear it. But this meeting does not come about because Egon Tiedemann unfortunately dies in a fight with his daughter.
    So the life of Helge Doppler goes on pretty normal until there are more cases of missing children in 2019. The demented Helge actually remembers what he did in 1986 and realizes that he made a mistake. So he leaves his nursing home and sets off to look for his younger self in 1986 and convince him to stop. But he cannot convince him and so he tries to kill him in a car accident, but he dies himself and his younger self manages to survive. As is so often the case in Dark, someone has failed to change the course of time.

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