Daughter-in-law wanted 2020: These are the new bachelors


    Now the mothers are in control: When the love carousel of "Daughter-in-law wanted" turns for the first time on Tuesday, July 14, 8:15 p.m. in prime time and in new splendor, a handful of mothers with strong family spirit and big heart hope for them a love – for her sons.
    Five bachelors with strong character no longer want to be alone and, with the active support of their mothers, start looking for Mrs. and Mr. Right. Do you find anything at RTL? These are the bachelors:
    Dennis, 34:

    Profession: Forwarding agent
    Region: North Rhine-Westphalia
    Hobbies: Gym, playing soccer, VfL Bochum, traveling
    Character: romantic, humorous and fond of animals

    This is how Dennis is in a relationship: “I am an absolute relationship person. I want to put the world at a woman's feet, start a family and share my life with her. I want a partner who gives as much in a relationship as I do. I am enterprising and like to spend time with my girlfriend. ”
    Dennis' dream woman: "I like women who know what they want. My partner must have the heart in the right place and stand behind me. I am looking for a woman with whom I can laugh and talk about everything. In addition, she has to be fond of animals because my mother has a small dog that I also like to take care of. ”
    Philipp, 32:

    Occupation: time soldier
    Region: Schleswig-Holstein
    Hobbies: sport, swimming, cooking, boating, trampoline jumping
    Character: reliable, humorous, ambitious and fond of animals
    Other: Philipp has a son who lives with his mother

    This is how Philipp is in a relationship: “The woman by my side can rely 100 percent on me and have a lot of fun with me. I like to laugh and like to let the child out of me sometimes. So I need a partner who can laugh with me. I would like to get married and have children.
    Philipp's dream woman: “I like natural women. The most important thing for me is that I can have a good conversation with her. It would be nice if she loved animals because I have two ponies. ”
    Meik, 28:

    Profession: trained cook
    Region: Balaton, Hungary
    Hobbies: animes, his chihuahuas, gardening, DIY, drawing, swimming
    Character: familiar, creative and fond of animals

    This is how Meik is in a relationship: “I am a loyal soul and am looking for a partner who is serious about me. When I get to know a woman better, I quickly lose my initial shyness. "
    Meik's dream woman: “I am a happy, uncomplicated person and I also want that from a partner. The jackpot would be if a woman was interested in anime. But I'm also open to my partner's interests. I am looking for a lovely woman who will enrich my life in Hungary. ”
    Andrea, 29:

    Profession: restaurateur
    Region: Lower Saxony
    Hobbies: singing, dancing, EMS training, card games, bowling, go-karting
    Character: warm, confident and ambitious

    This is how Andrea is in a relationship: “I am extroverted and spirited – just a typical Italian. I am honest and straightforward so that a man with me always knows what he is up to. I am also very warm and emotional. "
    Andreas Traummann: “I like men who are authentic, warm and open. In a relationship, I need a man who can stand up to me because I'm stubborn. I am looking for a sensitive, masculine partner with whom I can build something. "
    Heiko, 46:

    Profession: prospective psychological advisor
    Region: Saxony-Anhalt
    Hobbies: cooking, painting, walking, reiki
    Character: creative, spiritual and humorous
    Other: Heiko has a child from a previous relationship

    This is how Heiko is in a relationship: “I am very good-natured in a relationship and sometimes I sometimes give a little too much. I want my partner to be fine and spoil her, for example with a home-cooked three-course menu. ”
    Heiko's dream woman: “The appearance of a woman does not matter to me, it is more important to me that I get on well with her. The partner by my side doesn't have to be spiritual, but she should understand my interest in angels. She is happy to bring children into the relationship and should like animals because I have two cats. ”
    Vera Int-Veen, with her many years of experience in love, is once again an integral part of the show and will provide some surprises in the course of the 13th season … There will also be a reunion with Guido and Anke: The two had sought out “Daughter-in-law in 2017” got to know and love, a year later little son Sebastian was born. Now we are getting married!
    "Daughter-in-law wanted" is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Deutschland GmbH. RTL shows five episodes of 2 hours gross starting on July 14th, Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. The new episodes are available 7 days in advance at TVNOW.

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