Halloween Kills: Trailer for cinema release 2020


    In a few months the time has finally come: Like every year, Halloween is coming and with it a lot of horror films. Fans can look forward to Halloween Kills the most this year. A year later, Halloween Ends follows, the third and last part of the Slasher trilogy. The first announcement trailer for both films has now been released.
    Michael Myers is back again: In the new Halloween sequel by director David Gordon Green from 2018, the serial killer returned to the big cinema screen. In the film's finale, it almost seemed as if heroine Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) had finally defeated the villain. But unfortunately Michael Myers is not so easy to kill. Because in at least two other films, the horror icon will go hunting people again.
    The first part of the trilogy was pretty tough. Halloween didn't save on violence, blood, and shocking scenes. As co-screenwriter Scott Teems reveals, Halloween Kills is said to surpass its predecessor. We also get an insight into Michael Myers' old home. There will probably be a conflict with the survivors from the first part. These include Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards, among others, as Cinema Blend reports.
    What exactly the plot is about remains a mystery, of course. It will be a while before we get any information about the sequels. But at least there is already a first announcement trailer, in which the start dates of Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends are announced. Halloween kills are slated to appear this October, while Halloween ends will start a year later. If you want to see the announcement trailer, watch our video player now. Just click in to start the preview.

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