The Order Season 3 Story: Possible Spoilers


    The Netflix series The Order was recently expanded to include a second season. Now viewers are already looking at the future of the show. While some are still discussing the end of season 2, there are first details about the story of season 3. What we already know about the next season of The Order, we tell you here.
    The first season of The Order thrilled fans with plenty of drama, magic and shocking moments. It didn't take long for Netflix users to finish the 10 episodes. Shortly afterwards there were already the first wishes that the show should be extended. Netflix announced replenishment soon after, and released 10 more episodes on June 18. Now there are first indications of how things could continue in season 3.
    Series creator Dennis Heaton hopes that the streaming giant can confirm the third season as quickly as possible. Heaton revealed to TV Insider that the success of the series is particularly dependent on the number of viewers. Given The Order's success, it's probably only a matter of time before Netflix gives the go-ahead for the sequel. Replenishment was announced just three weeks after the start of season 1. Season 3 could start in summer or autumn 2021.
    Meanwhile, Heaton also indicated in which direction the plot could develop in the future. Without giving any specific details, he reports: "Will we do it this season and start shortly after the events of season 1? It's very possible. Or we can jump in time and dive into a completely different world."
    So far, we just have to wait and see what Heaton and his team have in store for us as soon as season 3 is announced. Alyssa had to put up with some injuries in the latest episodes, but will certainly return in the sequel. Vera will also be there again, after all, she has to regain her lost powers. Meanwhile, Jack will use all means to put things in order. In addition to the main characters, we can certainly count on many new characters. We're excited to see when Netflix officially confirms supplies. Until then, we'll show you the trailer for season one, if you haven't seen the series yet. Just click in to start the video.

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