365 Days 2: That's why the Netflix sequel is safe


    The erotic film 365 Days can still hold the top ranks on the top list of Netflix. The film is also causing a sensation on the Internet. Many fans wonder whether there will be a sequel in the future. As it turns out now, 365 Days 2 is almost certain. We will tell you what we have already learned about the film here.
    The 365 days of Netflix do not save on plenty of eroticism and hot scenes. In the film we get to know the main character Don Massimo. He gets to know young Laura and quickly develops an unhealthy relationship with her. After kidnapping her, he gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. Of course, this causes plenty of problems and finally Laura disappears.
    A possible continuation could follow right there. So far, Netflix has not given the green light to 365 Days 2. But considering the success of the first part, it is probably only a matter of time. As a Polish page reports, the continuation is said to have already started with the first works. In view of the corona pandemic, these could still drag on quite a bit.
    365 Days is originally based on the book series of the same name by the author Blanka Lipinska. There are 3 parts in total, so there would be enough material for a second film. Of course, we can expect that the main actors will also return. These include Michele Morrone as Massimo and Anna Maria Sieklucka as Laura. Massimo's ex-lover Anna could also play a bigger role in the future. We will certainly get to know many new faces. What do you think of 365 Days and what would you like to see from the sequel?

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