Dark: Who is Elisabeth Doppler?


    Not only is she the youngest in the Doppler family, she is also deaf. We're talking about Elisabeth Doppler, who otherwise lives a normal life. But the events in the winds don't just pass it by, because like so many others, she is right in the middle. We tell you everything about Elisabeth Doppler.
    She actually gets on very well with her sister Franziska, even if there are always minor disputes. Her other caregiver is Yasin Friese, a classmate of hers who is also deaf and whom she even calls her “boyfriend”.
    After the children disappear into the winds, of course all parents are very upset. Therefore, Elisabeth should also be picked up from the school so that she does not go back on her own. However, when she waits longer and nobody comes, she goes home contrary to her parents' instructions. After her parents realize that Elisabeth has already left and that she has not returned after several hours, they think that Elisabeth is the next victim of the kidnappers.
    But after a few more hours she comes back and tells of her encounter with a mysterious man named Noah. The latter also gave Elisabeth a gold watch for her mother with the lettering “For Charlotte”. Based on her daughter's descriptions, Charlotte Doppler creates a phantom picture of Noah. He is now the main suspect in the case of missing children. The following day, Elisabeth's best friend Yasin also disappears, after which she bursts into tears.
    The leader of post-apocalyptic society in Winden is also deaf in 2053. It turns out that the person who has grown up is Elisabeth Doppler. She has some distinctive scars on her face. Since she is deaf, she has an interpreter who translates her announcements for the others. She promises so many followers that salvation will come soon.
    What Elisabeth does not tell her fellow human beings is that there is an opportunity to travel through time at the site of the destroyed nuclear power plant. Therefore no one is allowed to enter the area. When Jonas, who was traveling, tried to gain access to the restricted area, Elisabeth subsequently sentenced him to death. But she still decides against it at the last moment.
    Elisabeth had survived the apocalypse in a bunker with her father Peter. There she meets young Noah for the first time. The two will have a child together once, but on the other hand this creates a big twist. The child of the two is Charlotte Doppler, so she is the mother of her own mother. This is a bootstrap paradox that can occur due to time loops.
    When a god's particle was activated during the search at the nuclear power plant on June 27, 2020, a crack occurred in time. Charlotte Doppler, who is the police chief of winds and is involved in the search of the nuclear power plant, can see an adult through the crack in 2053. She feels that this is her daughter Elisabeth and Elisabeth can also identify the person on the other side as her mother or daughter. The apocalypse breaks out just before the two touch.

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