Monday adrenaline cinema on ZDF: six films – three free TV premieres


    In June, July and August 2020, ZDF presents six feature films with a guaranteed thrill in the "Monday adrenaline cinema" Monday at 10:15 p.m. It starts on June 29, 2020 with the free TV premiere of the action thriller "Hunter Killer" by director Donovan Marsh. The novel "Firing Point" by best-selling author Don Keith served as the template for the script.
    An American and a Russian submarine are sunk by unknown attackers in the Arctic Ocean. The U.S. Department of Defense sends Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) and his crew aboard the USS Arkansas submarine to find out what exactly happened in the depths of the Arctic Ocean. Rear admiral John Fisk (Common) is briefly informed by analyst Jayne Norquist (Linda Cardellini) that suspicious activity has been observed at a Russian military base. An elite Navy SEALs unit led by Lieutenant Bill Beaman (Toby Stephens) is dropped nearby. They witness how Admiral Dmitri Durov (Mikhail Gorevoy) arrested the Russian president. The Russian defense minister apparently wants to take power and start a war against the United States.
    By order of Admiral Charles Donnegan (Gary Oldman), all precautions are taken immediately. To prevent a global catastrophe, an extremely risky mission is launched: Beaman and his men are set to rescue the Russian president and to be evacuated from the USS Arkansas. But in order for the boat to pass through the enemy waters, they also need the help of the Russian captain Sergei Andropov (Mikael Nyqvist).
    The other films in the "Monday Cinema Adrenaline" series are: "Hangman – Play with Death" (Monday, July 6, 2020, 10.15 p.m.), "Fast & Furious 7" (Monday, July 13, 2020, 10.15 p.m.), " Ride Along 2: Crime Scene Miami "(Monday, July 20, 2020, 10.15 p.m.)," You still live 24 hours "(Monday, July 27, 2020, 10.15 p.m.) and" Fast & Furious 8 "(Monday, August 3 2020, 10.15 p.m.).

    The stars of the globally successful cinema franchise remain loyal to their fans who appreciate perfect, real filmed stunts in fast cars. Fast And Furious 7.

    The Fate Of The Furious is the subtitle of the next action spectacle with Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and and Vin Diesel, who opposes his family. Fast And Furious 8.

    When children's games are turned into sadistic fantasies of murder, friends of the cultivated thriller know immediately: Thrilling serial killer suspense with Al Pacino is imminent! Hangman.

    A submarine captain teams up with a Navy SEAL team to rescue the Russian president, who was captured during a military coup. The trailer for the movie Hunter Killer.

    The brothers-in-law are back in town! EXCLUSIVE CLIP from the action comedy with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart: Ride Along 2 – Next Level Miami.

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