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    In Blindspot we always have to deal with a person called Shepherd. She has developed a plan to terrorize and destroy the country. We will inform you about their identity and their motives.
    Shepherd is the big opponent of the FBI team around Kurt Weller and Jane Doe in the first two seasons. Later she only appears sporadically. Her real name is Ellen Briggs. In her youth, she lived with her parents and brother near Lake Aurora, Florida. It was later revealed that a chemical plant upstream had been leaking for years, and chemicals were entering the river. Many people from there fell ill with cancer, had birth defects or other diseases.
    Her family was also badly affected, her parents died of aggressive cancer, and her brother had a tumor removed from his lungs. However, he could not survive. Shepherd also struggled with her own problems, because she had to have her ovaries removed so that she could successfully fight her cancer.
    Since the government was probably able to keep up with the developments and yet had not taken any measures to avoid possible fatalities, Shepherd wanted to take revenge for her family and the victims of the chemical accident.
    She later joined the US Army, where she spent much of her time in Africa and the Middle East. Among other things, she was appointed General Major Ellen Briggs and was also appointed deputy director of the military defense organization. There she got many insights that should help her later with her attacks.
    In addition, she financed Kurt Weller's training at the academy and ensured that he did not have to leave despite some escapades. When Kurt Weller is presented with a voice message from Shepherd, he can remember the voice but cannot assign it to anyone. Kurt Weller is an important component of the plans because she sees him as a great help and also a man with the same values ​​that she also has. She also made sure that Kurt Weller never left the New York office to be relocated to another city.
    During one of her missions in South Africa, she became aware of the Apartheid Academy, which kidnap children in order to train them as soldiers for the country from childhood. She liberated the children and also adopted two children, Alice Kruger and Ian Kruger, two siblings whom she saw as very valuable for her plans. With the adoption, the two children were also renamed Remi and Roman, which were to start a new life.
    As leader of the terrorist organization Sandstorm, Shepherd was responsible for the plans, Remi and Roman were their deputies. They carried out several terrorist attacks together, but they should not be linked so that they do not attract attention. In an accident in 2013 when Remi was actually declared dead, she was able to survive and also brought Nigel Thornton, the doctor's husband who had saved her life, to the Sandstorm team. So it was time to start the first phase of the attack.
    The plan was to destroy the country's corruption and administration through the Truman Protocol. The plan also included that Remi be smuggled into the FBI without memories and with many tattoos to play the role of Kurt Weller's missing childhood friend, Taylor Shaw, and win his trust.
    The goal of the first phase was to drop Bethany Mayfair as deputy head of the FBI to replace her with Kurt Weller. Remi alias Jane Doe, however, did not find her true self and stayed on the FBI side, so Shepherd ordered Roman to stay away from her. Shepherd got the clues from Nigel Thornton, who as Dr. Robert Borden was employed in the FBI as a psychiatrist.
    Shepherd had worked out another plan to kill the majority of the FBI team except Kurt Weller. She made Jane Doe believe that they were preparing an attack, whereupon Jane alerted her team and they stormed Sandstorm headquarters. It was a trap, however, and Jane was kidnapped by Shepherd afterwards and was asked to watch how everyone probably died when the headquarters collapsed. Shepherd then asked Roman to kill his sister Remi. But Roman couldn't do it and instead turned against Shepherd, shot her in the shoulder and fled with Jane.
    Nevertheless, Shepherd continued to work on phase 2 and appointed Nigel Thornton, whose cover was exposed in the FBI, as her new deputy. Together they found the weapons they needed for their plan. Then Shepherd penetrates the New York office to threaten the employees. This made her activate the Truman protocol, which brings together the most important people from different organs.
    At the same time, she planned a chemical attack on the country to trigger a major catastrophe and to take over government affairs using the Truman protocol. But Kurt Weller and the director of the CIA Jake Keaton manage to prevent the attack and the related catastrophe.

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