Elena Miras and Mike Heiter get their own show at TVNOW


    A different kind of thrill! In the new 6-part reality show "Just Tattoo Of Us", which starts on August 3rd on TVNOW, the top rule is: Everything is allowed.
    Because here the candidates choose a tattoo for a person close to them – no matter which one and no matter where. The person opposite has no say, has no idea what was selected, cannot backtrack and – the tattoo will only be revealed when it is eternal on the skin. Nevertheless, the tattoo should be carefully considered! Because whoever chooses one gets one immortalized from this person himself. Both happen at the same time.
    A real test of fire for couples, best friends and even families. Because whether love message, reckoning or eternal proof of friendship, that's only really clear when the tattoo is revealed. There is laughter, swearing, suffering, it becomes very personal and there are not only tears of joy.
    The new TVNOW show will be moderated by reality stars Mike Heiter and Elena Miras. A premiere for the couple, who from "Summer House of Stars" and "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!"
    "Just Tattoo Of Us" is originally produced by Gobstopper Television for MTV UK. TVNOW is now bringing the format to Germany, produced by RTL Studios. The 6-part reality show starts on August 3. A new episode appears every Monday.

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