Good films with heroes in a bathrobe


    A few films have heroes with bathrobes as their main clothing item. We want to introduce them to you and show that this piece of clothing is one of the most underrated. The trailers for the films can be found below this text.
    Miles – GUNS AKIMBO: The unsuccessful video game developer Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) accidentally lands on the site of "Skism", an action game broadcast live on the Darknet, in which the participants compete in deadly death matches. Miles becomes an involuntary teammate of "Skism", gets an automatic weapon screwed into each hand and has to compete against the invincible fighting machine Nix (Samara Weaving). But instead of fighting, Miles prefers to flee. It was only when his ex-girlfriend Nova (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) was kidnapped that Miles was forced to face life and death.
    Der Dude – THE BIG LEBOWSKI: Take it easy, stay relaxed, stand by yourself and do your thing. All of this manifests itself in the dude aka Jeffrey Lebowski from the film THE BIG LEBOWSKI (1998) by the Coen brothers. The first scene already shows the main character shuffling through the supermarket in a bathrobe and sandals. You immediately know what kind of person you are dealing with here. Time only plays a minor role and stress is a foreign word for the dude, whose figure helped the work of the Coen brothers to become an absolute cult film. It takes a certain attitude to wear the bathrobe with as much coolness as Jeff Bridges in his role as Jeffrey Lebowski.
    Arthur Dent – THE HITCHER THROUGH THE GALAXY: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a sci-fi story that soon made it into every format: Starting as a BBC radio audiobook, there is now a series, a video game, musicals, lots of it Books and finally a successful feature film. Always there: The hapless Arthur Dent. All sorts of bizarre things happen on his journey through the galaxy, but one constant remains: As befits a stylishly dressed Englishman, a bathrobe is an integral part of Arthur's wardrobe.
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    Odd, explosive, funny! Check out the first trailer for the totally crazy action comedy Gun Akimbo starring Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. Nothing for weak nerves. Here is the trailer for Guns Akimbo.


    The dude is actually a millionaire from Los Angeles, whose wife Bunny has large debts. He is unemployed, lazy and a 1960s nostalgic. Here is the trailer for the cult film The Big Lebowski.


    Thursday noon, somewhere in the UK. Arthur Dent is surprised by his buddy Ford Prefect with the almost unbelievable news that the earth is about to be blown up. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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