Mulan: Disney postpones cinema release again


    When China's powerful emperor issued a decree that one family from each family would be drafted into the imperial army to defend the country from intruders from the north, Mulan Hua, the daughter and only child of a highly decorated soldier, decided to replace her sick and weakened father to follow the draft order. Mulan masquerades as Jun Hua and has to pass the strictest tests. With the numerous adventures that she experiences on her epic journey, she learns to trust in her inner strength and thereby discovers her true potential. So at the end of her exciting journey to becoming a respected warrior, Mulan can not only be sure of the gratitude of the whole nation, she will also earn the respect of her proud father.
    MULAN – the action-packed and emotional film highlight by director Niki Caro with the famous title hero Mulan Hua now gets a new nationwide launch date on August 20, 2020. We will show you the trailer directly below this text.
    Alan Horn (Co-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer) and Alan Bergman (Co-Chairman) of Walt Disney Studios on the current development:
    “Although the pandemic has changed our Mulan launch plans and we remain as flexible as circumstances require, nothing has changed in our belief in the strength of this film and its message of hope and perseverance. Director Niki Caro and her team have created a wonderful, epic and moving film that represents everything you would expect from a cinematic experience and we believe it should be there: on the world stage and on the big screen, so that the audience can see it can enjoy together around the world. "

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