Sky over the Camino Trailer


    Ascot Elite Entertainment / 24 images image to sky over the Camino

    The story of Heaven above the Camino Trailer: The film depicts the inspiring journey of six people from New Zealand and Australia who embark on the historic, 800-kilometer pilgrimage through Spain to find answers to life's questions each of them the chance to test the limits of their physical performance and deal with the latest personal losses. A touching film about how to learn to live with grief without losing your courage to live, moving and inspiring at the same time, SKY ABOVE CAMINO is a wonderful story about people like you and me who do extraordinary things. A story about life, love and loss. Actors: Julie Zarifeh, Susan Morris, Terry, Mark Thomson, Claude Tranchant, Cheryl Stone
    Directed by Noel Smyth, Fergus Grady
    Production: Fergus Grady, Noel Smyth
    Film music: Tom McLeod

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