Superman: Henry Cavill wants to remain the Man Of Steel


    Only a month ago it was said that Henry Cavill could soon appear again as Superman. At that time it was not clear what the star personally thinks of it. Now Cavill has spoken out about a future as Man Of Steel. In fact, the star would like to play the role for many more years to come.
    Who will be the cult hero Superman next? As it turns out, a familiar face could soon embody the figure. Henry Cavill is said to be the lucky one again, after all he already has a lot of experience with the character. The 37-year-old has played the role in Man Of Steel and Justice League, among others. Although Cavill then had to part with Superman, that could change in the future.
    In an interview with Patrick Stewart (Picard), Cavill said: "I've always been a Superman fan. You carry this character with you, even outside of the set. And it becomes part of your public image. When you meet children, they don't necessarily see you as Henry Cavill, but as Superman. And there is a certain responsibility that you carry with you. Because it is such a wonderful character, it is a responsibility that I like to carry and I hope that I will be Superman can still play in the next few years. "
    How exactly Cavill could slip into his cult role is still unclear. Man Of Steel 2 is not currently produced by Warner. Instead, he could show up in a cameo or post-credit scene. For example, guest appearances in Aquaman 2, Shazam 2 or Black Adam would be very possible. However, Superman shouldn't appear in director Matt Reeves' The Batman. What would you think of Henry Cavill's return as Superman?

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